Friday, June 9, 2017

MC's Preschool Moving On Ceremony

MC has had a fun and successful year of preschool, and although her school is in session year round, the four year old class had a "moving on" ceremony at the end of the traditional school calendar. The moving on ceremony coincided with the weekend we celebrated MC's 5th birthday, so her grandparents were in town which made the day even more special for her.

They did a super cute performance of songs in English, Spanish, and French.

They handed out diplomas and shook the preschool director's hand and the class teachers told a little about each student.

MC and the Birds class teachers, Ms. Becky and Ms. Elvira

After the performance they had a reception with food and cupcakes for all the students and families.

MC's preschool best friend. These two have had such a fun year together.

In the morning before her moving on ceremony, I took a few "last day of school" pictures.

First day/last day comparison. She's changed a lot in 9 months!

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