Monday, June 5, 2017

MC's First Dance Recital

After participating in a ballet/tap/acro combination class since August, MC had her very first dance recital last weekend! Her performance in the year-end recital was optional, and we were unsure how she would do up on the big stage, but once I showed her a picture of the sparkly costume that she would get to wear, she absolutely wanted to be in the recital.

It turns out that she loved every minute of it and had a fabulous time performing on the stage! Her class did a tap routine called "Bop To the Top" which was incredibly cute.

I am new to all of this dance world, so this has been a learning experience for both of us. For now at least dance seems to be her "thing" and she loves it, so we are happy to support her interests. This summer she will take a ballet/jazz class.

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