Thursday, June 8, 2017

GL is Ten Months Old!

GL is ten months old! She is so much fun and we are loving every day with her.

She is a friendly little thing and will usually smile and wave pretty easily for people she recognizes. Anytime I carry her by a mirror, I stop and tell her "Say 'Hi' to the baby in the mirror" and wave at our reflections. Now she automatically throws that hand up to wave at the baby in the mirror, and a few times she has said "Hiiiii" as she waves. It is so very cute!

She has mastered crawling and is able to move herself around wherever she pleases. I love to hear those little hands slapping on the floor as she follows me around. She does not like to crawl on the hardwood floors and does this hybrid bear crawl where she puts her left knee and right foot down anytime she has to crawl on it. I mostly keep her in pants when we're just going to be around the house because she seems more comfortable with the fabric covering her legs.

Ten Month Info

(weighed at home, not measured this month)

Her sleeping is still inconsistent, although at night her stretches of uninterrupted sleep have gotten a little longer. She is still up usually two times in the night to nurse. We have attempted to do some gentle sleep training with her, but she has just not taken to it very well. We discovered that some times when we thought she was sleeping, she was actually just sitting up in her bed - quiet but awake, so we bought a video monitor to keep a closer eye on her. It turns out that she will basically sit up and sleep. We can see that her eyes are closed, and she will bob her head around but she will not let herself lay down in the bed. We learned the hard way not to go in and try to lay her down, as that woke her up and made her mad, and it took us forever to get her back to sleep. So for now we just leave her be unless she cries and hope that it is just a phase she will grow out of.

She takes two naps during the day but the length of them vary widely. Depending on what time she woke up from her first nap, she will still often take a catnap in the car on the way to pickup MC from preschool.

Her eating continues to go well. She likes to try new things; although, she doesn't always like everything. She loves to feed herself. But she will also let us feed her off a spoon. She still breastfeeds on demand.

She is beginning to outgrow her 9 month clothes, so we've moved up to wearing 12 month clothes which have plenty of growing room.

Lots of babbling, Dada, and she repeats All Done ("ahhh dahh") when she is finished eating.

First Memorial Day

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