Monday, June 26, 2017

Hilton Head Island 2017

We made our annual beach trip to Hilton Head Island - our first beach vacation as a family of 4! It is a lot of work to take two little kids to the beach, but we had fun and made lots of memories.

Both of our girls really like the ocean and the sand, so we spent quite a bit of time on the beach during the week.

We also spent some time doing other activities. We went to the lighthouse and the fun playground in Harbor Town. For the second year in a row, BD and MC climbed the steps to the top of the lighthouse.

We toured the petting zoo at Lawton Stables and fed some of the animals.

We visited our favorite ice cream shop on the island. Well, MC and I did; GL had fallen asleep in the car, so BD kept driving her around while MC and I went in to eat ice cream. We talk about this place and look forward to this ice cream all year long.

One morning we went to the children's museum, which is a highlight of the trip for MC.

The museum has an awesome craft room, and MC spent a lot of time in there making tons of art!

GL also had fun exploring the baby area.

We played a round of miniature golf.

More beach pictures.

One afternoon we loaded up the girls in the beach wagon and walked down to Coligny Plaza to shop for souvenirs. Despite the look on GL's face in this picture, she loved riding in the wagon with MC. This was really fun for me because I distinctly remember walking along while BD pulled MC in the wagon last summer (2016) and talking about how next summer (2017) she'd be able to hold Baby Sister and ride in the wagon together -- and just like happened!

Looking at the hermit crabs in the souvenir shop - another thing that we talk about and look forward to all year long!

We also spent a ton of time swimming at the pool in our condo complex.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Girls of Summer

Our first day at the outdoor pool for the season!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday, MC!


It is hard to believe our big girl is five! I'm not exactly sure how that is possible, as just yesterday she was a tiny little infant in my arms.

This year she started preschool and became a big sister, both in less than a month's time, and she has rocked both of these new roles. Her adventurousness and independence has grown tremendously in the last year. She continually blows us away with her kind heart, her wittiness, and her intelligence. We cherish the opportunity to be her parents, to watch her learn and grow, and to marvel at the young lady she is becoming before our eyes. She asks a hojillion questions a day and says a hojillion x 2 words every day, and as exhausting as that is, it also gives us a glimpse into her mind and how it works. This is life at 5 with MC, and we wouldn't trade it for anything.

 On the day of her birthday, we visited her preschool class with birthday treats and read a story to her class.

After school, we headed to the park for a picnic lunch and birthday cookies.

She opened her presents in the afternoon - she got a new music CD, some toys, and a charm necklace.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

MC's 5th Birthday Party

MC chose to have her 5th birthday party at a local music based play space called Notasium. The play area has lots of musical themed elements - karaoke rooms, a stage for performing, a bounce house, but the most popular item by far is the enormous guitar slide that plays music when you climb up and slide down. Everyone had lots of fun zipping down the giant slide - even I got in on the fun!

After an hour in the play space, the party moved to the concert room where the kids sang, danced, and played with one of the party leaders.

GL took in all the action of the big kids.

After 30 minutes of the interactive concert, we moved into the party room for snacks and cake.

She wanted her party to have a Sofia the First theme since that is currently her favorite TV character. So the invitations, decorations, and balloons had Sofia on them.

MC chose to have all of her favorite snack foods for her party, so we had Fluffer Nutter sandwiches, fruit, veggie stix, goldfish, and popcorn - it was like a preschooler's dream buffet table!

After everyone had a chance to snack, we lit the candles on her cake and sang Happy Birthday to our birthday girl. She specifically asked for cake this year, so that she could help pass out pieces of cake to all her friends. She has such a sweet heart! 

June 10, 2017

Later in the afternoon at home she opened birthday gifts from her friends. She received lots of fun gifts - games, arts & crafts, toys - and we got lots of practice writing thank you notes afterward!

Friday, June 9, 2017

MC's Preschool Moving On Ceremony

MC has had a fun and successful year of preschool, and although her school is in session year round, the four year old class had a "moving on" ceremony at the end of the traditional school calendar. The moving on ceremony coincided with the weekend we celebrated MC's 5th birthday, so her grandparents were in town which made the day even more special for her.

They did a super cute performance of songs in English, Spanish, and French.

They handed out diplomas and shook the preschool director's hand and the class teachers told a little about each student.

MC and the Birds class teachers, Ms. Becky and Ms. Elvira

After the performance they had a reception with food and cupcakes for all the students and families.

MC's preschool best friend. These two have had such a fun year together.

In the morning before her moving on ceremony, I took a few "last day of school" pictures.

First day/last day comparison. She's changed a lot in 9 months!