Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Here are some recent pictures of our girls. These are from late April and early May 2017. MC is 4 years old, and GL is 8 months old.

We went to BD's office for a picnic lunch fundraiser for March of Dimes. It was the first time GL has visited Daddy at work!

MC and her beloved Kindermusik teacher, Ms. Rebecca. MC has "graduated" from Kindermusik and this was her last class. We took a picture of these three sweet friends who have been with us for Kindermusik since they were all around 1 year old.

Sometimes you look so cool you just have to request a picture in the grocery store parking lot.

MC and I went to see a movie in the theater on a rainy Sunday morning.

Trying on her costume for her upcoming dance recital.

Yum, prunes!

This is what happens when you can only crawl backwards - you keep getting stuck under the furniture.

GL's first time in a high chair at a restaurant! We were at our favorite Mexican restaurant. That's a rice rusk in her hand, although it definitely looks like it could be a tortilla chip from the restaurant - hahaha!

Avocado aftermath.

The world's most patient dog. We obviously try not to let GL pull her fur or crawl on her or anything like that, but she always lays so still and lets GL feel her fur, ears, paws, etc. Piper returns the favor by licking GL right in the face any chance she gets.

Not so sure what she thinks of the scrambled eggs. She's had them several times now, and that's still pretty much the face she makes. I don't think she's a fan. But she did not have a histamine reaction so that is good - no egg allergy!

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