Monday, May 15, 2017

40 Weeks

Baby GL was born at exactly the 40th week of my pregnancy. Today is the 40th week that she's been alive, so as of 12:04 am this morning, she has been with us on the outside for longer than she was on the inside with me. It is unbelievable how fast this second 40 weeks have flown by, and we have loved getting to know this little girl.

Dear GL,

Today marks the 40th week that you have been with us here on the outside - exactly the amount of time that we spent together, just us two. I wasn't sure what to expect in becoming a mother of two, and while I was pregnant with you I worried that I would not be able to love it as much as I have loved being just your sister's mama. But all of those worries disappeared the minute I saw your perfect little face. I was meant to be your mama. I was reborn as a mother with your birth and watching our little family grow has brought me more happiness than I ever could have imagined. You are the piece that completes our family, and we didn't know we'd all been waiting on your arrival. Your sister often says, "It used to be just 3 of us, but now we're 4. And I like us being 4!" We are all so happy you are part of this family, sweet girl.

You are a joy - a ray of pure sunshine and light. Your smile lights up a room and your laughter comes easily and often. You even smile and laugh in your sleep while I am rocking you during the night. I hope you will always seek and find ways to be happy throughout your life.  

Everyone comments on how much you resemble your sister, and while that is certainly true, you are also uniquely, individually you. We will always celebrate your similarities and your differences. You and your sister have a mutual love and affection for each other, and I will always do my part to support and encourage that relationship. I often tell you both that being a sister is a special thing, and you are lucky to have each other. You intently watch everything she does, and she loves to make you laugh and give you hugs.

You and your daddy also have a special bond and watching him love you has been such a beautiful experience. He loves you with such ease and confidence - scooping you up to swing you around and cover you with kisses while you giggle and squirm. It is probably no coincidence that you've been saying "Dada" for quite some time now.

I hear other moms talk about "second child syndrome" and I have to admit I hate that phrase. Your childhood may be different, but it will never be "less than" simply because you have a sibling. I will always, always give you my best every day.

We all love you to pieces, GL, and are so proud to call you ours.


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