Thursday, April 20, 2017

GL's First Swim Lesson

The indoor pool where we normally do MC's swimming lessons during the winter months has been closed for the past several months to address a leaking issue. During that time, she took lessons at another, older indoor facility. The older facility only has one pool - divided for lap swimmers and swim lessons - so the water in that pool is considerably colder. Due to the water temperature Coach Melissa didn't want to start GL's lessons until Homestead Pool reopened. Homestead has two separate pools - one for laps and one for activities, so they can keep the activities pool at a warmer temperature.

Earlier this week, we were finally able to go back to Homestead Pool, so GL was able to have her very first swim lesson!

Coach Melissa does sibling lessons together, so at this point GL does her lesson for about 5-7 minutes at the beginning, then MC has her lesson for the rest of the time.

We worked on "pours" which teaches GL to hold her breath and just getting her acclimated to the pool itself.

Coach Melissa taught me a few things to do at home in the bathtub to work on breath holding and also taught me how to hold GL in the pool, so that she can feel her own buoyancy in the water and get used to it. GL was not thrilled to be held by Coach Melissa but did do better when I was holding her. She and I just hung out in the pool and she kicked her legs and splashed her hands in the water while MC finished up her lesson. 

Hopefully we are setting her up to be a confident swimmer who is comfortable in the water!

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