Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017

MC and GL woke up on GL's first Easter morning to discover that the Easter Bunny had visited us overnight! Their baskets were filled with a few toys, books, music CDs, and a little bit of candy for MC.

After GL woke up from her morning nap, we headed outside to get some Easter pictures. The day before we had bought all of our annual plants for the spring and summer but hadn't planted any of them yet, so we used those as background props to add some "spring" to our photos.

While I took pictures of the girls, BD hid a few plastic eggs filled with chocolate candies in the backyard for MC to find. We hunted eggs last year that were filled with candy, but I think MC must've forgotten because she was happily surprised to discover the eggs had something in them! She loves to hunt for eggs; she also loves to hide them for others to find. She will hide them and then walk around with you as you hunt to give you hints (aka tell you where she hid them). The enthusiasm at this age makes everything more fun!

On Saturday before Easter we dyed some eggs. Last year we were a little disappointed with the saturation of the color from the dye, so I thought I'd be smarter this year and buy two decorating kits so we could double the dye amount. And it made no difference! However, we dyed a few using liquid food coloring, and those turned out the best! So next year we'll skip the egg decorating kits and just go for plain ol' food coloring.

Finished product! MC had also dyed eggs earlier in the week at school, so we added those to our stash. We didn't actually do anything with the real eggs, except hide a few in the den to entertain MC while GL took her morning nap on Easter day.

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