Monday, March 6, 2017


Here are some recent pictures of our girls. These pics are from Jan/Feb 2017. MC is 4.5 years and GL is 5-6 months.

Dressed in one of her Valentine's outfits on the day she turned 6 months old.

So proud to be sitting up all by herself!

Sometimes a quick photo snapped to send as a thank you for a gift turns out to be a super cute picture!

GL's motto on a sparkly onesie.

So many toys to choose from!

Our neighbor gave us chocolate pancake mix as a gift, and they made for a fun & festive breakfast.

MC seems to prefer vanilla flavor over chocolate, so she asked if we could have "vanilla hot chocolate." I found a recipe for vanilla steamers, and they turned out really yummy!

Reading books with Daddy while MC eats supper on the couch.

MC loves to set up a tea party in the kitchen for her dolls and animals.

Out for a walk in our borrowed double stroller on a chilly, gray day.

MC asked to get her hair cut again "for the summer" in January. She wanted it cut short "above her neck" so Ms Kristie gave her another adorable chin length bob.

This was the first time she sat in the booster in the big chair; she's always sat in my lap in the chair before. She's getting to be such a big, brave girl!

Performing a show with her finger puppets in her homemade theater  (i.e., a cardboard box out of the recycle bin).

We have a neighbor who is a train lover, so I took this picture of her shirt to show him.

She can't even with this walk today!

Out for an afternoon date with GL while MC stayed home with our fun babysitter.

Soooo snuggly when she first wakes up from a nap!

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