Thursday, March 9, 2017

GL is Seven Months Old!

This sweet little thing is seven months old! We are loving seeing her personality bloom more each day. She is mellow and happy and loves to smile and laugh. We love having her as part of our family!

March 8, 2017

She is a very curious little explorer - always grabbing and reaching for things that catch her eye. And once she gets something interesting in her hand, she doesn't give it back easily! She is not crawling yet, but we are beginning to see some signs that it is not too far away.

She has been sitting unassisted for a few weeks now. She is getting fairly stable and much less likely to topple over. She seems to love the new perspective that sitting up brings for her. One of the things she really enjoys is to sit in front of her basket of toys, with it turned on its side so she can see the contents, and she reaches in and pulls out a toy one-by-one to examine.

Seven Month Info

(weighed and measured @ home)
15lb 8oz

Right before she turned 7 months old, we started a very gentle method of sleep training with her to get her sleeping in her crib. She has taken to it well and is now sleeping nights and naps in her own room in her crib! She is now generally only waking once or sometimes twice a night to nurse, which means we are both getting many more consecutive hours of sleep. We are still working to figure out a daily nap schedule that will work for her, as she seems to be very sensitive to being overtired.

She has started solid foods! Applesauce and banana have been her favorites so far, but she has not been super interested overall. We usually try to sit her in the high chair and "eat" once a day. She lasts about 15 minutes before she is ready to be done. She does love to play with the spoon and bowl I put down for her but prefers to eat off my finger rather than use the spoon to eat. Otherwise, she is still nursing on demand which works out to around 7-8 times a day.

She is wearing 6-9m or 6-12m sizes in clothes, just depending on the brand - with plenty of room to grow.

"Eating" solid foods!


MC was home sick from school on the day I took GL's seven month pictures, so of course she wanted in on the action. She is so proud to be a big sister and is so loving and patient with GL.


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