Wednesday, February 8, 2017

GL is Six Months Old!

Our little GL has been here with us for six months! BD and I keep looking at each other and saying, "How did she get so big?!" It seems like she's only been here for a heartbeat and also like she's always been a part of our family. We all just love her sweet, happy personality.

February 8, 2017

She babbles and "talks" to us constantly. She has definitely discovered that she gets our attention by making noise. She will babble, babble, babble and when we look at her she stops and gives us a big grin.

She loves to laugh and smile when we make silly faces or tickle her. But she lights up when she sees MC. She will crane her neck and twist her whole body around to see MC and watch her around the room.

We got the baby jumper out of the attic this month and discovered that she loves to jump and bounce. She will happily bounce and play in there for quite a while.

GL continues to look a lot like MC did at the same age, so I put their 6 month photos side-by-side for a quick little comparison. You can definitely tell they are related!

 Six Month Info

(weighed & measured @ Dr's office)
14lbs 10.5oz

She is currently sleeping naps & nights in the rock n play in her room. She generally wakes at least twice a night to nurse, some nights more often than that. Soon we will start to transition her to crib sleeping, so fingers crossed that process goes smoothly. She usually takes a morning and afternoon nap in her room, and she takes a little catnap in the car around noon when we drive to pickup MC from preschool.

Still exclusively breastfed. We got the go-ahead from her pediatrician to start solids, so we will do that soon. It will be fun to see what she thinks of all the different flavors & textures!

All her 6 month sizes are starting to get too short in the arms & legs, so she is moving up to 9 month sizes.

Sitting up! She is not yet super stable, but she can sit up unassisted.

Five months

Four Months

Three Months

Two Months

One Month

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