Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snow Much Fun!

Last week we had our first snowfall of the season. They had been predicting 6+" of snow, but in the end we got about 4" of snow & sleet that fell overnight and through the day on Saturday.

Last year we had one of those standard plastic toboggan style sleds from the hardware store. But we quickly learned that the plastic cracks and breaks pretty easily, so this year our neighbor found these cool slider sleds at Costco for us. It was way better than the plastic ones, and we had tons of fun riding it in our yard and around the neighborhood.

Usually when it snows here, it warms up immediately after the storm, but this time we had a deep freeze and spent Friday night through mid-day Tuesday below freezing (including one night below zero!), so the snow stuck around for several days. Although, after the first 2 days the snow was hard and ice-covered, so it wasn't as fun to play in it.

This was GL's first snow experience!  It was so cold that she didn't actually spend much time out in the snow, but our neighbor captured a family shot of us when we were all out together for the first time.

January 7, 2017

More snow fun pics:

Piper loves the snow. But we started calling her a Fair Weather Husky - it was so cold that even she didn't want to stay out very long!

MC also had tons of fun sledding and playing with our neighbors.

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