Tuesday, January 10, 2017

GL is Five Months Old!

Our sweet little GL is 5 months old! The time is flying right by us, and she gets more fun every day. We all just adore her and are so glad she's a part of our family. She is a mellow, calm baby and not much upsets her unless she's sleepy or if MC gets too rough with her.

January 8, 2017

This month she is consistently rolling side-to-side and back-to-tummy. She has rolled tummy-to-back a couple of times, but mostly it's back-to-tummy and then she gets stuck.

She is reaching out and grabbing toys and putting them in her mouth...along with anything else she can get in her mouth - her hands, our fingers, clothes, etc.

This month she has started being interested in the toys hanging down from her play mat, and she's sitting up in her Bumbo seat for short periods of time (10 mins or so).

She will also take her paci out of her mouth and study it, but usually needs some assistance to get it all the way back in her mouth.

She is a smiley, happy baby and loves to laugh at her silly big sister.

Five Month Info

(weighed & measured @ home)

This month she has started taking naps in the rock n play in her room. I just wanted her to start getting comfortable in her room, so that when we make the move to sleeping in her crib, it will be a familiar place. She usually takes her morning & afternoon naps in there. Her morning naps are usually around an hour, and her afternoon naps are longer, 2+ hours or so. She also takes a short catnap in the car on the way to pick up MC from preschool and another short catnap in the evenings.

Her night sleeping is still good overall. She wakes up generally twice a night to nurse. I am able to put her right back down after nursing, and she goes back to sleep. Getting her to sleep for the night has been a challenge lately. We can tell she's tired, but it takes a long time to get her fully to sleep; it's like her little body just won't let her relax all the way into a deep sleep until she's been rocked and soothed for a long time (like an hour).

She is still sleeping swaddled with both arms in.

Still EBF on demand. She isn't really showing any interest yet in the foods we eat in front of her.

She's in all 3-6 month sizes.

Rolling back-to-tummy; her 1st Christmas and New Year's

Four Months

Three Months

Two Months

One Month

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