Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Messy Food Pics

One of my very favorite stages of baby and toddlerhood is the messy eating stage. GL loves to eat and is willing to try any new types of food. Sometimes eating is a full body experience!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

MC's First Day of Transitional Kindergarten

MC started Transitional Kindergarten earlier this week. Transitional Kindergarten is a half-day kindergarten designed for "young" 5s as an alternative to starting full-day K and being the youngest in class. Because of MC's summer birthday, we decided this would be a perfect fit for her.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

These programs are not very common around here, so we were very lucky for her to get a spot in this class. It is held in a Presbyterian Church that also has a preschool program. This program has a great reputation, and we know she is going to have a great year in TK!

We had already done several play dates with her TK classmates, and she had spent some one-on-one time with both of her teachers, so she was very, very excited for school to start. We made First Day of School goody bags for her teachers based on one of her favorite books, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...". She helped me bake the cookies and decorated the bags, so she was very proud to bring them in to her teachers on the first day.


Here are some pictures of our girls. These are from late summer and early fall 2017. MC is 5; GL is 1.

GL strapped into the jogging stroller so she can be my running buddy!

Trying out a homemade graham cracker - she approves!

She LOVES to climb - her most recent favorite obstacle is climbing the stairs.

It was too hot outside for a real picnic, so we had a picnic in GL's bedroom instead.

Enjoying one of the last days at the pool for the summer.

Trying cotton candy for the first time - she approves!

MC and our sweet neighbor, E. They were having a popsicle play date.

MC drew this family portrait. From L to R: GL, MC, BD, LA, Piper.

I remembered we had this little toddler slide, so I got it out for her room. Something new to climb on - she was so excited!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day Weekend 2017

On the Friday before Labor Day weekend, I took the girls over to the Children's Museum of Alamance County - one of our favorite local kids' museums. We made a stop at NC Jelly Donuts before we made it to the museum.

Trying on some new fall clothes and talking on her phone. (This is an old landline phone with a cord. When I pulled it out of a box in our storage room she had no idea what it was. "Why does it have so many wires?")

We visited the Life and Science Museum in Durham and took a family selfie on the train ride.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Here are some pictures of our girls. These are from late summer and early fall 2017. MC is 5; GL is 1.

Painting rocks to hide for the The Kindness Rocks Project.

MC and I went out for a Saturday afternoon lunch date and finished off with an ice cream cone!

They love to ride in the car-cart at the grocery store.

MC had a friend over for a play date and lunch picnic.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

MC made a box viewer at school to see the solar eclipse that happened earlier this week. We were in the 92% coverage area, so although it didn't get very dark, it did get dim and much cooler.

Her box viewer worked perfectly and was a fun, safe way for us all to view the eclipse. The little dot of light on the inside left of the box is the picture of the eclipse. When you put your face in the viewing hole, you could see the exact shape of the moon blocking the sun. It was very neat!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Los Trompos Exhibit

We took the girls to see the Los Trompos! exhibit at Ackland Art Museum a few weeks ago. This was our first trip to an art museum, and that exhibit was a colorful and friendly introduction. Los Trompos is an outdoor exhibit, but we also spent some time exploring inside the museum as well. MC was very interested and had lots of questions about the things she saw. GL mostly just enjoyed the sound of her voice echoing off the walls, LOL. Luckily we were there on a Sunday afternoon, so hopefully we didn't disturb many other patrons.

From the museum's website:

Los Trompos is a large-scale, interactive installation of much-larger-than-life spinning tops (trompos) in a variety of colors and shapes. The tops have created a playful destination for recreation and social interaction on the terrace in front of the Ackland Art Museum.

Designed by contemporary Mexican designers H├ęctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena, Los Trompos are inspired by spinning tops, the children’s toys that are popular around the world. The colorful surfaces of Esrawe and Cadena’s tops are made of fabric woven in a traditional style by Mexican artisans.

By working together, visitors may spin the large tops on their bases, adding motion and dynamism to the installation. Enlivening a very public but previously little-used space, Los Trompos will enable engagement with art and design beyond the Museum’s walls.

Monday, August 21, 2017

GL's First Birthday Party

We had GL's first birthday party at home a few days after her actual birthday. Since she loves fresh watermelon so much and has a summer birthday, we decided on a watermelon theme for her party.

The party was small with just her grandparents and a few neighbor families invited, so we kept the food and decorations pretty simple but it made the house look festive for a first birthday party!

We had watermelon, cupcakes, and a few other snacks in the kitchen.

Her #1 balloon bouquet.

I printed all her monthly photos from the year. It was so neat to see them all lined up together, so we could see how much she changed from month to month!

We chatted and ate snacks with our friends and the kids played inside and outside for a while.

Yummmm, watermelon!

Then everyone gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to GL.

She dug right into her cupcake!

The birthday girl and her proud big sister.