Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Here are some recent pictures of our girls. These are from late April and early May 2017. MC is 4 years old, and GL is 8 months old.

We went to BD's office for a picnic lunch fundraiser for March of Dimes. It was the first time GL has visited Daddy at work!

MC and her beloved Kindermusik teacher, Ms. Rebecca. MC has "graduated" from Kindermusik and this was her last class. We took a picture of these three sweet friends who have been with us for Kindermusik since they were all around 1 year old.

Sometimes you look so cool you just have to request a picture in the grocery store parking lot.

MC and I went to see a movie in the theater on a rainy Sunday morning.

Trying on her costume for her upcoming dance recital.

Yum, prunes!

This is what happens when you can only crawl backwards - you keep getting stuck under the furniture.

GL's first time in a high chair at a restaurant! We were at our favorite Mexican restaurant. That's a rice rusk in her hand, although it definitely looks like it could be a tortilla chip from the restaurant - hahaha!

Avocado aftermath.

The world's most patient dog. We obviously try not to let GL pull her fur or crawl on her or anything like that, but she always lays so still and lets GL feel her fur, ears, paws, etc. Piper returns the favor by licking GL right in the face any chance she gets.

Not so sure what she thinks of the scrambled eggs. She's had them several times now, and that's still pretty much the face she makes. I don't think she's a fan. But she did not have a histamine reaction so that is good - no egg allergy!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Strawberry Picking 2017

Earlier this month, I took the girls strawberry picking at a local strawberry farm. MC and I have been picking strawberries at this farm since 2013, but this was GL's first year!

It was a sunny, warm day so we took some time in the back of the car to apply sunscreen and put on our sun hats.

GL wasn't quite sure what to think of this thing that I handed her! She didn't realize it was food she could eat. 

MC is such a good strawberry picking helper! She picked a ton this year, in between squealing and running from the bees.

After we finished picking, we stopped under a shade tree to sample some of the fruits of our labor. Watch in this photo series as GL realizes that MC is actually eating these red things in the box! And then how quickly she grabs for one of her own, hahaha!

"Okay, so you grab one out of the box..." 

"And then just put it in your mouth?"

"Got it! Gimme one!"

Monday, May 15, 2017

40 Weeks

Baby GL was born at exactly the 40th week of my pregnancy. Today is the 40th week that she's been alive, so as of 12:04 am this morning, she has been with us on the outside for longer than she was on the inside with me. It is unbelievable how fast this second 40 weeks have flown by, and we have loved getting to know this little girl.

Dear GL,

Today marks the 40th week that you have been with us here on the outside - exactly the amount of time that we spent together, just us two. I wasn't sure what to expect in becoming a mother of two, and while I was pregnant with you I worried that I would not be able to love it as much as I have loved being just your sister's mama. But all of those worries disappeared the minute I saw your perfect little face. I was meant to be your mama. I was reborn as a mother with your birth and watching our little family grow has brought me more happiness than I ever could have imagined. You are the piece that completes our family, and we didn't know we'd all been waiting on your arrival. Your sister often says, "It used to be just 3 of us, but now we're 4. And I like us being 4!" We are all so happy you are part of this family, sweet girl.

You are a joy - a ray of pure sunshine and light. Your smile lights up a room and your laughter comes easily and often. You even smile and laugh in your sleep while I am rocking you during the night. I hope you will always seek and find ways to be happy throughout your life.  

Everyone comments on how much you resemble your sister, and while that is certainly true, you are also uniquely, individually you. We will always celebrate your similarities and your differences. You and your sister have a mutual love and affection for each other, and I will always do my part to support and encourage that relationship. I often tell you both that being a sister is a special thing, and you are lucky to have each other. You intently watch everything she does, and she loves to make you laugh and give you hugs.

You and your daddy also have a special bond and watching him love you has been such a beautiful experience. He loves you with such ease and confidence - scooping you up to swing you around and cover you with kisses while you giggle and squirm. It is probably no coincidence that you've been saying "Dada" for quite some time now.

I hear other moms talk about "second child syndrome" and I have to admit I hate that phrase. Your childhood may be different, but it will never be "less than" simply because you have a sibling. I will always, always give you my best every day.

We all love you to pieces, GL, and are so proud to call you ours.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

All About My Mommy

by MC, age 4

My mommy likes to play mama & baby gecko with me.

My mommy likes to eat sandwiches.

My mommy likes to read Madeline to me.

My mommy's favorite color is the whole rainbow.

My mommy is the best at taking me to the library for story time.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

GL is Nine Months Old!

GL is nine months old and officially on the move! After weeks of being so, so close she started crawling on the day she turned 9 months old!

May 8, 2017

This has been such a fun month for our littlest girl with lots of exciting firsts for her. We are all enjoying so much watching her grow up - although it seems like the time is just flying right by us too fast!

In addition to crawling, this month she's lifting her arms to be picked up when you say "Up?" to her. She will also usually give big, slobbery open mouth kisses (the best kind!) on request.

She is just starting to wave to say hello. The sign for milk looks similar to her version of a wave, so sometimes we have to use context clues to determine if she's saying Hi or I'm hungry, haha! This month she has started playing peek-a-boo on her own. It has been a favorite game for her for a while - always eliciting a big smile and laugh, but now she will initiate the game on her own by covering her face with something then pulling it quickly away with a huge smile on her face in anticipation of someone saying "Peek A Boo!!". I haven't gotten it on video yet, but it is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

9 Month Info

(weighed & measured @ Dr)
16lbs 3 oz

Her sleeping continues to be inconsistent, and as a result I am always exhausted. She is up to eat 2-3 times a night (sometimes more often than that), usually around 11pm, 2am, and 5am. Occasionally she will skip that 11pm feeding and only do the second two - that is a "good" night's sleep for me! Sometimes BD has to go up there are pat/shush her back to sleep before she's up for that first feeding. After her early morning feeding she often doesn't want to be put back in her crib, so in order to keep her from being awake at 5 am, one of us ends up rocking her in her room for another hour or so to keep her asleep.  Her bedtime is based on the time she wakes up from her afternoon nap, but in general we aim for bedtime between 6-7pm.

She does usually take 2 good naps, around 2 hours each. Depending on what time she's awake from her morning nap, she will sometimes catnap in the car on the way to pickup MC from preschool.

She is doing well with her eating. Currently we are doing thick pureed foods, puffs, and rice rusks. This week I've also starting teaching her how to drink water from a straw. We also let her practice chewing on apple slices, celery stalks, and carrots. 

She is still wearing 9 month clothes.

Lots and lots of babbling - mostly hard consonant sounds. Also lots of raspberries and trilling sounds with her tongue.

In addition to the ones I listed above, she celebrated her first Easter. She also visited BD's office for the first time.

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Day in the Life

It's been a loooooong time since I've done ADitL post, so I thought it was time for an update. I love to look back at old versions of these posts and marvel at how life has changed.

Friday, April 21

BD & LA are 37
MC is 4.75
GL is 8 months

12:40am -  GL is awake upstairs in her room & hungry. This is the first time she's been awake since I initially put her down for bed around 6:30pm. Go nurse her and she falls back asleep easily after nursing for about 20 minutes or so. Put her back in her crib and go back to bed for a few hours.

3:03am - GL is awake upstairs in her room & hungry. Go nurse her and she falls back asleep easily after nursing for about 20 minutes or so. Put her back in her crib and go back to bed for a few hours.

6:10am - GL is stirring upstairs, and MC starts calling for mommy about 30 seconds later. She has a toddler clock that doesn't turn green until 6:20am but that doesn't stop her from calling for someone as soon as she wakes up. After 6am is actually later than usual for her these days. BD and I both get up - I go in to nurse GL, and he goes to see about MC.

6:20am - I know that GL won't go back to sleep at this point, so I go ahead and turn on her light so MC will know it's okay to come in GL's room.

6:25am - MC comes in going 100mph, fully dressed including hair bow.

6:35am - GL finishes nursing, change diaper and pj's. MC climbs in the chair with us, chatters incessantly, and plays in GL's room.

6:40am - Downstairs to get breakfast for MC. BD leaves to take Piper for a walk. Smoothie and dry cereal for MC's breakfast this morning. GL plays on mat in the kitchen while I work on packing up MC's snack for school - today it's apple slices, a babybel cheese, and pretzel nibblers.

7:10am - GL has a dirty diaper. MC is finished with her smoothie and cereal and asks for a cinnamon toast bagel (toasted bagel with butter, cinnamon & sugar sprinkled on - one of her favorite breakfasts). Tell her I'll fix it as soon as I'm done changing GL's diaper upstairs. I've been feeding prunes to GL for the past several days to resolve a...digestive issue...and it has clearly worked, so it takes several minutes to get her all cleaned up.

7:25am - Fix MC's bagel. She's watching an episode of Sofia the First on Netflix while eating her bagel, so GL and I go back to the bathroom to chat with BD while he gets dressed for work. About 3.5 minutes pass before MC is calling me. This child never likes to be alone.

7:35am - MC finished with bagel, so we head upstairs to finish getting her ready for preschool. Sometimes this is a big struggle in the mornings, but today is goes mostly smoothly - potty, brush teeth, wash face. She requests a pony tail with a hair band that matches the bow she's already picked out.

7:50am - Downstairs to put on shoes and get backpack, and MC & BD are off to school and work. GL is ready for her first nap, so we head upstairs to check diaper, put on sleep sack, and nurse before putting her down in her crib.

8:15am - GL sleeping so I head downstairs, turn on monitor, and make sure my phone ringer is on but low. I've not yet gotten a call from preschool but am always nervous that my phone will be on silent if they call. Start a load of laundry and in the process of gathering up the load, realize that I've never emptied our swim bag after lessons on Tuesday - ICK, I don't want to deal with mildewy swimsuits! Go in the laundry room and remember that MC had an accident at school yesterday and the clothes are still tied up in a bag sitting on the washer. IIIIICCCKKK! What have I been doing this week?!! Decide to go ahead and start the other load, then wash the pee clothes with the swimsuits, since they will both need a vinegar soak before washing. Start washer.

8:30am - Head into the kitchen to clear MC's breakfast dishes off table. Heat up last night's leftovers for my breakfast. Sit on couch and turn on laptop to check in on the world while I eat. (I almost never turn on the TV in the mornings and just enjoy the silence. I am an introvert so I treasure these few minutes of alone/quiet time I get to myself in the mornings.) Eat and check FB, blogs, local news, etc. Text with my neighborhood mom friends.

9:00am - GL starts fussing upstairs. Less than an hour is not enough nap for her, so I will leave her for 15 minutes before checking on her. Hopefully she will be back asleep by then. Get up to switch laundry into dryer, start the other clothes in a vinegar soak. Check on Piper who is outside. She is obsessed with chasing the squirrels off the bird feeder in the backyard and does not want to come in.

9:15am - Clear up my own breakfast dishes. I need to get started washing the dishes in the sink that are leftover from yesterday. I usually try to get a load of laundry and the previous day's dishes done while GL naps, but instead I let the siren song of the Internet lure me back in to sitting on the couch for a few more minutes. GL has stopped fussing and is back asleep. Type up a few notes for this post, check FB, reread the multiple emails I got yesterday with details about MC's upcoming dance recital - it is an overwhelming amount of information for a 4 year old's recital.

9:40am - Back in the kitchen - put away clean dishes and wash dirty ones.

10:00am - GL stirring upstairs - happy sounds, which means she took an almost 2 hour nap and is ready to get up. Go get her and nurse, change diaper and dressed for the day.

10:20am - Play with GL on the floor downstairs. She is so, so close to crawling! She can get on all fours but so far pushes herself backwards instead of moving forward.

10:40am - Change into exercise clothes, put GL in jogging stroller, and leash up Piper. Head out for walk.

11:25am - Home from walk, nurse GL. Play on floor with GL for a few minutes. Pack up a car snack for MC when I pick her up, which will hopefully prevent a tired-from-school meltdown in the car. This technique has about a 70% success rate.

11:45am - Buckle GL in car seat, head out to pickup MC from preschool.

12:05pm - Arrive at preschool to pickup a happy MC. She has made a Lorax puppet! She tells me all about it all the way home and she had music with Ms Kris so I hear all about that. She has a kitty cat stamp on her arm! They learned about Earth Day this week at school so she is full of lots new information. She is happy with the snack I brought her but the second we pull in the garage things go downhill. I opened GL's door first instead of MC's; I didn't unbuckle her the right way; she has sand in her shoes, etc. etc.

12:25pm - Home from preschool pickup. MC is being a little manic - sometimes the school-to-home transition is really difficult for us. It's like she needs all of my attention to make up for the 4 hours she was away from me. I try my hardest to be patient and understanding, but honestly this can be one of the most challenging times of the day for us. GL is signing for milk, so I ask MC to get out markers & paper to color with, and I sit down to nurse GL. MC mad/sad/complaining about every little thing and says "I think I'm crabby because I'm just hungry." At least she has a little self-awareness! I suggest lunch on the deck which is met with much enthusiasm.

12:40pm - Get lunch ready for everyone and head outside to eat on the deck and enjoy the beautiful weather. It is actually a little hotter than I realized but under the shade of the deck umbrella it's pretty comfortable. Sandwiches for MC and me, carrots for GL. Chat about our day, the weather, and whatever else crosses MC's mind.

1:15pm - GL ready for her afternoon nap - rubbing eyes and signing for milk. I gather up most of our lunch stuff and get both girls inside. Turn on TV for MC and she picks up with her markers and dot-to-dot puzzle. Take GL upstairs - change diaper, sleep sack, nurse. She's out in about 10 minutes today.

1:35pm - Downstairs to check on MC. She's still happily coloring and watching Berenstain Bears. Tell her she's got about an hour until quiet time. Go gather up the remaining lunch stuff on the deck. Pick up in the kitchen a bit. Text with my neighborhood mom friends. Everyone is planning to play in the cul de sac this evening, but MC has dance until 6pm then straight to supper/bath/dinner for her so we'll miss play time tonight.

2:00pm - Sit in the den and just hang out with MC. She's obviously tired but it's too late for a nap today so she will have to tough it out. Realize clothes are still soaking in washer, start them washing. Get load out of dryer and pile on couch. Fold a few clothes and chat with MC about her day, life in general, and answer approximately 1500 questions.

2:30pm - Tell MC that it's time to go upstairs to her room for quiet time. She wants to take the iPad today, so we head up together to get her settled. I come back down and make her a snack - take it upstairs and set her red timer (1 hr visual timer). I come back downstairs and type up a few notes for this post, check FB. Switch soaked and now washed clothes into dryer, thankfully everything smells fresh and clean. Fold and put away some clean clothes and notice that there is a package on the front porch. It is the new shorts I ordered a few days ago. I am embarrassed to admit that I had to order a couple pairs of new shorts for this summer because my ones from 2 summers ago no longer fit. I am horrified at the size of the new shorts but I know I will be more comfortable and actually look better in clothes that fit instead of squeezed into too tight clothes. So I try on the shorts and they do fit but I'm not thrilled about it. When GL was born I made myself a promise that I would never again talk bad about a body that could grow and birth (with no pain meds!) and breastfeed two beautiful people. I have kept that promise but that does not mean I love the current shape or size of this body. A few weeks ago when I discovered that none of my shorts fit, I made a commitment to prioritize exercise and so far I have kept that commitment so I am proud of that. Despite that, after I tried on the shorts and realized that they do actually fit (I was sorta hoping that all of my old shorts didn't fit because they all spontaneously and simultaneously shrunk and the new ones were going to be way too big!), I have to give myself a stern "chin up, Buttercup" speech about how I'm trying to raise little girls who know that their self-worth has nothing to do with the size of their bodies, and how can I expect to convey that to them when I can't get my own self to believe it. And, I remind myself, that even if I wear this size for the rest of my life those two little girls upstairs are absolutely worth wider hips and a soft tummy and a larger size shorts. Remind myself there are worse things than buying bigger shorts. Phew, that was pretty heavy stuff for Friday afternoon! Cut the tags off the new shorts and throw them in the washer so I can wear them this weekend.

3:30pm - MC's quiet time is over. She wants to work on her project for Kindermusik next week - she needs to build a building, so we gather up some supplies and work on that for a while. She wants to do it all herself so I mostly just sit and keep her company and occasionally help when she asks.

4:00pm - GL starts stirring - go get her and nurse while MC continues to work on her building. Change diaper and clothes. Bring GL into the room with MC. Remind MC we have about 30 mins until time to get dressed for dance.

4:10pm - Text from BD that he is headed home from work. He is taking MC to dance class this evening. GL plays on the floor while MC is still working on her building which she is now calling a "movie theater farm". I am very impressed with how long her attention span is for this project! At this point she's sticking pony beads to blue tape and calling them rocket ships. She has big rocketship, small rocketship, medium, big, large, etc - she chats constantly while she works.

4:25pm - Remind her that it's time to get dressed for dance and ask her to please go use the potty before we put on her tights and leotard. As she leaves the room, she purposely steps on GL's hand and makes GL cry, then laughs about it. I put her in time out in her room where she proceeds to pee on the floor. Good times. BD comes in the door and starts cleaning up the floor. MC hugs GL and apologizes to her, and I help MC get into her dance outfit.

4:45pm - BD and MC leave for dance. GL and I go downstairs, and she's signing for milk so we sit down and nurse. GL and I play on the floor, and I turn on the TV and watch some of the Dateline I recorded last week.

5:30pm - Start cooking supper. We stick with quick and easy on Friday nights, since it's pretty hectic after MC's dance class. Tonight I'm doing chili dogs and mac & cheese. Get all that going while GL plays on the floor in the kitchen. Look outside just in time to see it begin to pour. Run outside to put down deck umbrella and get Piper in out of the rain. I guess we didn't miss play time in the cul de sac with our neighbors this evening after all, haha!

5:55pm - BD and MC arrive home from dance. Wash hands and get everyone's supper on the table. GL is having applesauce and a rice rusk.

6:30pm - Supper is over and was mostly uneventful. BD and I even got a few sentences in to each other! MC plugs in the blue Christmas lights on our front porch. We have them up for the month of April to support our friend who has autism since this is autism awareness month. We all head upstairs to start the bedtime routine. I help MC potty, brush teeth and floss, wash face, and into PJ's while BD changes GL's diaper and gets her into PJ's. MC comes into GL's room and picks out a book to read together. We all sit together in GL's rocker and read, then goodnight hugs and kisses.

6:55pm - BD and MC leave to head to her room to read more books. I nurse GL and sing a few songs to her. I can hear some commotion coming from MC's room but can't tell what drama has happened. I put GL down drowsy but awake

7:10pm - Head downstairs, I can hear BD reading to MC as I walk past her closed door. Turn on GL's monitor and pick up my phone to check-in on text messages and FB.

7:20pm - GL starts crying. This is a new thing this week, and I'm hoping it's just the 8 month sleep regression and will pass soon. Head back up to her room to check on her. I can hear BD singing to MC as I walk past her closed door. GL has flipped over to her belly and squirmed all the way to the other end of her crib and can't reach her paci. Give her paci and pat her butt. She raises her head to look at me several times but doesn't fuss. I continue patting until she goes back to sleep.

7:40pm - Sneak out of GL's room and head downstairs. BD cleaning up a few dishes in kitchen. Turn on workout DVD and let it start loading. It has a ton of promos that I can't skip through so while it loads I type up notes for this post. BD comes in den with iPad and reads some articles and watches some videos about the UNC basketball banquet that was earlier this week.

8:15pm - Start workout. BD gathers up iPad and baby monitors and goes in our bedroom so I can workout in peace.

8:45pm - Finish workout. Chat with BD for a few minutes. He's got a snack and planning to watch some TV. Type up the last of this post. Check in on FB and a few websites.

9:15pm - Hit the shower.

9:35pm - Dry hair, pj's on, brush and floss teeth.

9:50pm - In bed, turn on Friends DVD and set sleep timer for 30 mins. I'll be asleep way before that timer turns the TV off. BD will keep baby monitors with him until he comes to bed, then turn on the ones in our room while we sleep.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

GL's First Swim Lesson

The indoor pool where we normally do MC's swimming lessons during the winter months has been closed for the past several months to address a leaking issue. During that time, she took lessons at another, older indoor facility. The older facility only has one pool - divided for lap swimmers and swim lessons - so the water in that pool is considerably colder. Due to the water temperature Coach Melissa didn't want to start GL's lessons until Homestead Pool reopened. Homestead has two separate pools - one for laps and one for activities, so they can keep the activities pool at a warmer temperature.

Earlier this week, we were finally able to go back to Homestead Pool, so GL was able to have her very first swim lesson!

Coach Melissa does sibling lessons together, so at this point GL does her lesson for about 5-7 minutes at the beginning, then MC has her lesson for the rest of the time.

We worked on "pours" which teaches GL to hold her breath and just getting her acclimated to the pool itself.

Coach Melissa taught me a few things to do at home in the bathtub to work on breath holding and also taught me how to hold GL in the pool, so that she can feel her own buoyancy in the water and get used to it. GL was not thrilled to be held by Coach Melissa but did do better when I was holding her. She and I just hung out in the pool and she kicked her legs and splashed her hands in the water while MC finished up her lesson. 

Hopefully we are setting her up to be a confident swimmer who is comfortable in the water!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017

MC and GL woke up on GL's first Easter morning to discover that the Easter Bunny had visited us overnight! Their baskets were filled with a few toys, books, music CDs, and a little bit of candy for MC.

After GL woke up from her morning nap, we headed outside to get some Easter pictures. The day before we had bought all of our annual plants for the spring and summer but hadn't planted any of them yet, so we used those as background props to add some "spring" to our photos.

While I took pictures of the girls, BD hid a few plastic eggs filled with chocolate candies in the backyard for MC to find. We hunted eggs last year that were filled with candy, but I think MC must've forgotten because she was happily surprised to discover the eggs had something in them! She loves to hunt for eggs; she also loves to hide them for others to find. She will hide them and then walk around with you as you hunt to give you hints (aka tell you where she hid them). The enthusiasm at this age makes everything more fun!

On Saturday before Easter we dyed some eggs. Last year we were a little disappointed with the saturation of the color from the dye, so I thought I'd be smarter this year and buy two decorating kits so we could double the dye amount. And it made no difference! However, we dyed a few using liquid food coloring, and those turned out the best! So next year we'll skip the egg decorating kits and just go for plain ol' food coloring.

Finished product! MC had also dyed eggs earlier in the week at school, so we added those to our stash. We didn't actually do anything with the real eggs, except hide a few in the den to entertain MC while GL took her morning nap on Easter day.

Monday, April 17, 2017


Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring Fun!

We've been having beautiful spring weather, and now that the pollen is mostly gone we have been trying to take advantage of it as much as possible.

We eat lunch on the deck after preschool almost every day.

We had a picnic at the playground in between preschool and swim lessons.

We tried out the new shave ice place in Chapel Hill.

We celebrated my 37th birthday with a cookie cake that MC designed.