Sunday, December 31, 2017

GL's First Trip to Louisiana

The day after Christmas we packed our bags and headed off to visit family in Louisiana. This was GL's first time traveling on an airplane and first time to Louisiana.

Our first flight left RDU mid-morning, which is right around the time GL normally takes a morning nap, so she took a quick cat nap in the baby carrier while we waited to board our flight.

MC brought Paci Bear, who got a new UNC cheerleader outfit for Christmas, in her carry-on bag.

Another quick nap for both GL and BD on our second plane of the day. The plane that we take from ATL into MLU is a small jet, with 2 seats on each side. GL was flying as Infant in Arms (i.e., no ticket purchased for her), so we learned on these small jets only one side of the plane has an extra oxygen mask. As a result, she had to stay on a certain side of the airplane for the duration of the flight.

Once we got to Louisiana, we had plans to spend a night or two with each set of MC & GL's grandparents. This is the first time we've structured our trip like that, and we all thought it worked out really well. It meant a lot of moving around for us, but it also meant we got to spend lots of uninterrupted quality time with each set of g'parents.

We stayed the first few days with Mee Mee and Paps (BD's mom and step-dad). While we were with them, MC and GL took their first trip to Catfish Cabin, which is BD's mom's family's restaurant! It was also the first time that BD and I have been there in almost 15 years. The food was so, so good; we all really enjoyed it. MC doesn't eat fish, so luckily Uncle R was there and made her a cheese quesadilla. She loved the lemonade and the lemon ice box pie. GL ate everything, as usual - hush puppies, cole slaw, fish, shrimp, stuffed crab, lemon pie - she sampled some of all of it.

The mall in Monroe has this super nice double-decker carousel. MC loves a carousel, so we made a special trip to the mall to ride it.

We spent the next several days out on the lake with G-Pop and Gracy (BD's dad and step-mom), where MC got to ride in G-Pop's boat, and we all got to eat some Johnny's pizza. We also met some cousins from that side of our family at the Monroe Children's Museum, and this fun mural was painted on a wall near the museum.

We spent the last few days of our trip at my parents' house. The timing of our trip worked out just right, so my sister and her family were able to come meet us in Louisiana. We all loved getting to spend time with them, and MC especially enjoyed hanging out with her older cousins. She got to meet a total of 9 cousins during our trip.

It's always s'more fun with cousins - making s'mores over the campfire at Brooksie and Papa's!

After a fun-and-family-filled 6 days, it was time for us to head home to NC. MC was worn out and slept the entire first leg of our flight. We did not have any trouble with our flights on either leg of the trip, which feels especially lucky when you are traveling with little kids!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas 2017

Santa came to visit at our house and brought us lots of fun presents! Santa brought a few presents for each girl and also brought a couple of things for them to share - new play food for their kitchen and a new toy vacuum cleaner.

MC got twin baby dolls, a doll high chair, and a new game from Santa.

There were also some presents under the tree for them from Mama and Daddy. GL got a little stuffed "goggie" with a crate that plays music and games.

MC got a 100 piece puzzle!

Daddy got a new UNC t-shirt!

GL really enjoyed the unwrapping process and the wrapping paper.

The shirt says it all!

After we opened presents we made our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of Monkey Bread. GL wasn't quite sure what it was at first, but after the first bite she was convinced!

This one didn't need any time to warm up to the Monkey Bread - she remembers it and talks about it all year!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Giant Candy Land

The Chapel Hill library set up a game of life-sized Candy Land on one day during MC's winter break from school, so we went to check it out. It was adorable!

It was a warm winter day so we headed to the park after playing Giant Candy Land for about an hour.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

MC's 5s Class Winter Performance

MC's class put on a very cute performance on the last day before winter break. They sang songs about lots of winter celebrations. They used some instruments and also accompanied some songs with sign language. She is loving this class and learning so much, and we loved watching her perform with her classmates. After the performance we went back to her classroom to see all of the decorations and projects they finished this month, and they had also made punch and snacks to share with all of the parents.

Her class finished up a unit on recycling right before winter break, so the holiday gifts they made for their parents fit that theme. Earlier in the week she had given me a hint that the gift was something that could be used over and over. When she handed me the package she said, "Here, you can use this 'til you die." LOL, sometimes age 5 is really the best!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Nutcracker - MC's First Ballet

MC and I went to a local production of The Nutcracker ballet over the weekend. It was her first time seeing a ballet! She sat in my lap and asked ten thousand questions but never took her eyes off the stage.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Lights Hayride

We went down to an orchard about an hour from our house to do a Christmas Lights hayride tour through the orchard. The lights themselves were kind of underwhelming, but MC loves any type of hayride, so she was thrilled. It was super cold so we were all bundled up and brought along some blankets to keep us nice and toasty warm. There were lots of other fun activities to do - they had tire swings hung from the trees, s'mores to roast over open camp fires, apple cider donuts, Christmas movies playing on a big screen - so we all thought it was a fun way to spend a cold weekend evening!

Saturday, December 16, 2017


Here are some pics of our girls from Dec 2017. MC is 5 1/2 years old in these pics, and GL is 1 year old.

Playing in the ball pit at a friend's birthday party.

Dressed for school in all her 5 year old awesomeness - reindeer dress, snowman tights, baseball hat, and pink sparkly poodle purse. This girl is ready!

We made these reindeer cookies to bring to school for MC's half birthday celebration.

I love all of her writing that she's doing these days. We are still spelling most things for her, but her handwriting is really improving!

MC set up a tea party for her dolls and stuffed animals - place mats, candles - very fancy!

GL trying on her first pair of snow bibs. We're ready for the winter weather!

She loves to grab the box of tissues and pull them out one-by-one. It's hard to be annoyed when she pretends to blow her nose on each one, then holds out the crumpled tissue and says "UCK!" [Yuck!]

Friday, December 15, 2017


Here are some pictures of our girls from November 2017. MC is 5 years old, and GL is 1 year old in these pics.

All dressed up for a friend's birthday party. MC loves to match with GL, so I accommodate her as much as possible, because I know this is a phase I will miss they have grown out of it!

49 degrees and raining, so we decided popcorn and hot chocolate in front of the fire was a perfect way to spend the afternoon!

I like to use nail wraps on my nails, and MC is always asking me to do hers as well, so I found a Jr sized set for her. She loved it and they lasted a surprisingly long time!

Snuggled up on the couch with our neighbors watching a Trolls Holiday special and eating snacks. We are so thankful for all of our sweet neighbors that have become such dear friends.

Snacking and watching TV from the couch. Pretty much the only time they are still and quiet!

Wearing a cute new dress to school today, and she declared she needed me to take a picture of her in front of the Christmas tree.

Proud of herself for getting into the rocking chair on her own!

Trying a Dorito for the first time! She wasn't sure what she thought at first but she warmed up to the idea pretty quickly!