Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Littlest Tar Heel

We took GL to her first UNC basketball game over the weekend!

UNC played Radford on a Sunday afternoon, which is generally a family-friendly game (ie, non-conference game so it won't be too crowded and an afternoon tip-time doesn't keep us out too late past bedtime). UNC won 95-50.

It takes some planning and prep work to take 2 young kids to a basketball game! We only have 2 season tickets, and MC is old enough this year to need a ticket for admission, so we had to buy another ticket near our seats to get everyone in the arena.

It was rainy and cold on the day of the game, so BD and I looked like pack mules with baby in carrier + big kid + diaper bag + MC's bag (books, snacks, baby doll, iPad), + rain/cold gear, but we all had fun!

At this point, Big Sister is an old pro at being a basketball spectator!

Little Sister wasn't quite so impressed with basketball.

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