Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Here are some pictures of our girls. MC is 4 years old, and GL is 3 months old in these pictures.

We have lots and lots of pretend/imaginative play that goes on around here. In this picture, she has made beds out of dish cloths & towels for herself and her Paw Patrol figures. They were on vacation and needed beds to sleep in at their condo.

At a neighbor's birthday party, they had a decorate your own cupcake station.

GL on her play mat but craning her neck to see what MC is watching on TV.

Everyone knows that real chefs wear bunny ears!

MC entertaining GL during tummy time.

GL had a mild cold, so MC made a get well soon card for GL at preschool and dictated to her teacher what the note should say.

Have you heard of the Melting Snowman? I found it at the craft store, and MC has had lots of fun making him and watching him melt.

GL was hanging out on her blanket, so the other two needed their own blankets, too, of course!

MC painted some fruits - can you spot the strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, grapes, and orange?

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