Friday, December 23, 2016

Conversations at 4.5

MC: GL took a long time to grow in your belly. Like 28 years!
LA: Well, not quite that long. She took about 40 weeks.
MC: Whoa. I can't even count that high!

We have a new babysitter.
MC: Miss MsB was awesome and fun! She can read; she can play. I think she might be a giant!
BD: Really? You think she's a giant?
MC: You never know, Daddy. She just might be.

At preschool they had a unit on space. It has provided us with lots of interesting facts about space, astronauts, planets, etc. 

MC: On the moon, you take big bouncy steps because there's no gravity.
MC: Saturn has 3 rings.
MC: There is no air in space, so astronauts wear a tank on their back with fresh air to breathe.

The same week they learned about space, the International Space Station made a visible pass over the East Coast, so we took her outside to see it before bed.

MC: When we see the space ship, will we also see the Big Dropper?


MC has a large vocabulary and very clear pronunciation with almost everything she says, which makes the few remaining toddler-isms and mispronunciations so cute.

She combines huge and enormous into "huge-normous".
She pronounces mirror as "mirry-or".
She says "realize" when she means "recognize".

MC: Will they realize me when we go to the vet's office? They haven't seen me in a while!
MC: I realize this song!

We've been reading the Cajun version of Twas the Night Before Christmas. The illustrations are all pen & ink, so the whole book has a very old look.

MC: This book was written a long time ago, before the house helped you do stuff like our house does.
BD: Our house helps us do stuff?
MC: Yeah, like the dish washer washes our dishes and the washing machine washes our clothes.
BD: People had to do that by hand in this book.
MC: I bet that took a long time!


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