Saturday, November 12, 2016

NC State Fair 2016

The NC State Fair was held a few weeks ago, so we took a family trip to go check out all the fun. We have taken MC to the fair every year since she was born, and we are hoping to continue that tradition with GL. We love the fair!

This year MC was old enough to remember our trip last year, so she was very excited to see the animals and ride some rides.

MC loved seeing this mama cow nursing her baby. 

Our first ride was the carousel, which has always been MC's favorite.

Surprise! GL was there, too! It was her first carousel ride!

We also rode the giant ferris wheel. You can see the entire fair grounds from the top.

Family selfie on the ferris wheel!

After the ferris wheel, MC wanted to ride some of the kiddie rides - a first for this year! Last year she was not tall enough for most of them and also didn't want to ride alone. But this year she rode a couple with BD and a couple by herself! GL and I found a shady spot for a milk break while they rode rides for a while.

We ate lots of yummy fair food throughout the day - including a hollowed out pineapple that was filled with rice, pineapple, chicken, and grilled veggies. And we ate some fried food, too - of course!

We met Casey the Cardinal, the NC State Fair mascot, although MC did not want to get close enough to him for a picture. We checked out the huge tractors that were on display and marveled at both the size of the tires and the size of the price tags!

After the tractors, we made a quick swing through the flower and garden show, at MC's request - she remembered that from last year, too. And then we headed home after a full day of fair fun.

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Peggy said...

Great pics!! Glad you all had such a good time! Looks like beautiful,fall weather!!