Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cutest Pumpkin(s) in the Patch

During MC's first fall season, back in 2012, we got these great pictures of her sitting in a pumpkin. So we thought it would be cute to try and recreate the same photos with GL. However, MC was about 8 weeks older than GL at this point during her first fall, so she was more stable and able to sit up better.

GL was...not very thrilled about sitting in a pumpkin.

Perhaps a more appropriate title would be Unhappiest Pumpkin in the Patch! (Don't worry - the entire photo shoot lasted about 6 minutes, so the torture didn't go on very long.)

This is about the best non-screaming picture we got -- doesn't she look thrilled?!

Having Big Sister near (and paci in her mouth) helped her to be a little more okay with the situation...

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Peggy said...

So sweet that Meredith's presence would calm her down!