Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Conversations at 4.5

We're talking about breakfast food, and she's asking me about the special breakfast we make for Christmas morning.

LA: It's called monkey bread.
MC: Does it taste like monkeys?


It's bedtime, and we're talking about her day. She's telling me about a friend from preschool.

MC: I love you more than I love Wilson. I love you a dozen. I only love him a hundred.


We are reading a Thanksgiving book, and at the end the book asks the reader "What are you thankful for?"

MC: I'm thankful for Wilson, my sister, Elmo, and I'm a little bit thankful for books with flaps.


MC: When I saw Rameses at the pepper rally today, he was wearing a black shirt!
LA, feigning surprise: Whaaatttt?
MC: I know! Crazy, right?!

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