Friday, October 14, 2016

Pictures! (mostly GL)

Here are some pictures of our baby girl. These pictures are from August & September 2016; GL is anywhere from a few days old up to around 6 weeks old.

Hanging out in her bouncy seat - juuust starting to open her eyes a bit.

Those cheeks!

She is fairly cold natured, so she rocked a hat to keep her warm for much of the month of August.

Sleep when the baby sleeps, right?!

This is how we swaddled her while her clavicle was healing.

One of her favorite spots to be - hanging out with Mommy in the rocking chair.

She had a tiny bit of jaundice when we first brought her home, so we tried to keep her in the sunlight quite a bit.

Her first little sister duty -- waiting at big sister's lesson.

3 weeks old...already giving me attitude!

This was the first time we propped her up in the boppy pillow on the floor.

Hello! I'm new here.

Six weeks old.

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