Friday, October 7, 2016

MC Goes to Preschool

MC started preschool this fall, and she is loving it! She goes 3 mornings a week with about 12 other four year olds. She is making friends and learning lots of new things. We have seen a lot of growth in her confidence around other kids and familiar adults.

The program we chose is a perfect fit for her so far, and she is having so much fun every day. She comes home with artwork she's made and full of stories about her friends and circle time and what centers she played at that day. It has been such a joy to watch her blossom in the preschool environment.

It is also very fun to hear little things she's picked up from her teachers and friends. The other day she told me she'd be right there "in two shakes of a bunny's tail". And one day when she was trying to get my attention she said "One, two, three...eyes on me!" LOL

We sent her with a family picture to post in her cubby.

On the days she doesn't go to preschool, she likes to play pretend preschool, so we do lots of learning-type activities like writing & drawing in her "journal"...

Practice writing her name... (I've discovered that I have to break my habit of writing in all caps. She knows all the capital letters but none of the lower case!)

And lots of puzzles and busy bag activities...

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