Monday, October 10, 2016

MC Fall Activities

In addition to starting preschool, MC is also participating in dance and soccer this fall.

Her dance class is a combination of ballet, tap, and tumble. She has been a little hesitant about the idea of me not being in the room with her, but she is getting more comfortable each week. I have absolutely zero experience with dance classes, but her teacher seems to be really good. Everything is taught in a fun and playful way, but she also is actually teaching them proper ballet terms and positioning. And a group of four year olds in tap shoes? Officially the cutest thing ever.

She's doing a new soccer program this fall that BD takes her to each week. From the reports I get, it sounds like she likes this program way more than the county rec program she did last year. She is really into it and loves her coach. It is similar to her dance class in that everything is very fun, but at the same time they are learning actual soccer skills through the games and drills they do each week.

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