Monday, October 3, 2016

GL's Birth Day

GL entered this world at 12:04am on Monday, August 8th - waiting just long enough so that she was born on her actual due date!

I woke up Sunday morning, after having had a few mild irregular contractions during the night, and went for my usual early morning walk. We were still a day before her due date, and based on MC's late arrival, I was convinced we still had at least another week to go, so I didn't think much of the contractions. When I got home from my walk, BD was on the couch with a sick MC who had been throwing up. We went about our day, taking care of MC, who bounced back pretty quickly - by early afternoon, after a long nap, she was back to her normal self. My contractions remained fairly mild and irregular throughout the day, but I did go ahead and pack my hospital bag, charged up the camera battery - a few of the last minute things on my list.

We sat down to eat an early supper around 5:30pm, and sitting on the hard chairs at the table made me really uncomfortable and the contractions noticeably stronger. After supper I took a warm bath to see if that would make the contractions ease up, while BD put MC down for bed. After my bath I tried to lie down and rest, but I couldn't get comfortable enough to nap. I had been timing contractions for about an hour at this point and they were 7-8 minutes apart and lasting for about a minute, so this is when I realized that this was probably the real thing. Around 8pm I texted our neighbor who was "on call" to come stay with MC that I thought tonight might be the night. We also called the midwife and let her know she might see us soon, but I was planning to stay and labor at home for as long as possible. Just as with my labor for MC, I hit a point where I just knew it was time to go, so our neighbor came over around 9:45, and we headed to the hospital around 10pm.

My labor continued to progress quickly, and GL did not waste any time with her arrival. We checked in to the hospital around 10:30pm, and she was in my arms a little over 90 minutes later. I was able to achieve my goal of an unmedicated birth, and our little 7lb 9oz sweetheart was perfect and healthy. We were able to do a delayed clamping of her umbilical cord, and we did an extended skin-to-skin immediately after her birth, before they weighed and examined her.

They eventually moved us to a regular room, where we proceeded to have another adventure, when I had a postpartum hemorrhage. Because my labor had progressed so quickly, I did not have an IV port in my hand, so they had no way to quickly administer the drugs to stop the blood loss. They did eventually get an IV put in and gave me some meds to control the bleeding, but it was quite scary for a while.

After that was resolved and everything settled down, I sent BD to raid the maternity snack room because we were both starving. We ate snacks and marveled at our newest addition. Eventually we tried to get some rest.

We were anxious to get home to our other girl, and luckily GL and I were both healthy, so we were released from the hospital to head home in the early afternoon on Tuesday, August 9th.

GL came home in the same outfit (and same car seat!) that MC wore home back in 2012.

Our sweet neighbors who had kept MC for us had the kids make us a Welcome Home sign for GL.

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