Thursday, October 6, 2016

GL is One Month Old!

Our little GL turned one month old at the beginning of September. I have been planning to take her monthly photo by the giant teddy bear, just like I did with MC each month of her first year.

However, what I didn't anticipate was how challenging it would be to get a good shot of a one month old infant with a very eager 4 year old photographer's assistant in the room. WHEW! We did manage to get a few shots with baby, number sticker, and bear all visible in the same photo.

September 8, 2016

We also tried a few in the recliner in GL's nursery. They went just about as well as the bear photos. Lesson learned. We will be waiting until BD is home to attempt any more monthly photos!

I did finally manage to get one decent photo -- when she had fallen asleep in her bouncy seat (and big sister was otherwise occupied in another room).

At one month old, GL is doing all the things that one month old babies are supposed to do - eat, sleep, fuss, poop, repeat. She seems to be a pretty laid back baby and is pretty easily comforted.

We found out at her 2 week check-up that she had a broken clavicle. She hadn't given us any indication that she was in pain, but during her physical exam the doctor felt the callous where the bone was healing. We went for an x-ray at the radiologist's office who confirmed that she did have a healing bone (most likely was broken during delivery). So for the next week or so we kept her arm swaddled for most of the day to aim in its healing process.

She also has a bit of reflux, so we are treating that with a small dose of meds each day which seems to be keeping her comfortable.

She has good head and neck control already, so she likes to have her head up and looking around as much as possible. She has started tracking briefly with her eyes, especially when she sees someone's eyes.

One Month Info

8lb 15oz
21 1/8" tall

She is breastfeeding on demand - every 2-3 hours.

She sleeps in our room. She seems to like movement so usually she's in either the bouncy seat with the vibration on or in the swing. She alternates between one of those and in the bed with us during the night. She sleeps in 2 or 3 hour blocks and then wakes up to eat. 

She's wearing newborn clothes. I had saved all of MC's clothes, so I thought we were mostly all set. But GL is much less hot natured than MC was so she needed long sleeves and pants even though it was super hot outside, and I didn't have much of that small enough for her to wear. 

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