Monday, September 26, 2016

Conversations at 4

LA: You're arguing with me about everything!
MC: No, I'm not!


MC, after sitting on her feet for a while: My feet feel weird.
LA: They do? What do they feel like?
MC: They feel...dotty.
LA: That's because you've been sitting on them. It's called 'asleep'. Your feet went to sleep.
MC: Wake up, feet!


We are eating at a BBQ joint and trying to convince MC to try some of the food.

BD: Here try some of this chicken I'm eating.
MC: No.
BD: Why not?
MC: Your hands look all slobbery.


MC, to our neighbors (3 & 6 year old boys): This is my baby doll. I feed her pretend milk from my boobies!
LA: #normalizebreastfeeding


MC: What's that?
LA: A peppermint. It's candy, kind of spicy.
MC: Are you going to eat it?
LA: No, we can give it to Daddy.
MC: He eats everything.


MC: Mom, what's it called when bats sleep during the day?
LA: Nocturnal. Animals who are awake at night and sleep at day are called nocturnal. 
MC: Oh, I thought it was called echo location.

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Peggy said...

LOL!! Can't wait to see ya'll next Monday!