Thursday, August 4, 2016

A "Sprinkle" for Baby Sister

Under the guise of having everyone over for root beer floats in their newly landscaped backyard, our sweet neighbors had conspired to also have a little surprise sprinkle for Baby Sister. It is a group of 5 families who all have young kids and all live in the back corner of our neighborhood, and we have all grown to be close friends.

MC and E opted for some plain chocolate ice cream instead of a traditional float. They are good buddies and have fun playing together. MC is only older by about 9 months, but she calls him "Baby" E and she practices her older sister bossing skills on him. For the most part he happily complies.  

MC had a great time opening all the presents for us. And everyone had thoughtfully included gifts for MC in with the gifts for Baby Sister. We are very consciously trying to make her feel like she is gaining something with Baby Sister's arrival, and little gestures like that go a long way to make her feel included and excited about this big change in our family.

We received some diapers & wipes, a couple cute outfits, a set of swaddle blankets & towels/washcloths -- a nice mix of little gifts for Baby Sister.

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Peggy said...

What wonderful neighbors you have! So glad for ya'll to have such a close relationship with neighbors!