Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pregnancy Update: Baby #2, 36 Weeks

How far along? Picture taken at 36w, 3d. As of the end of this week, Baby Sister is considered early full-term. MC was born at 41w, 2d - so I'm expecting that we still have several weeks until we get to meet Baby Sister. But if she were to be born at this point, the risk of complications is pretty low.

Size of baby? 6 pounds, 13.5" crown to rump - the size of a head of romaine lettuce, according to the internet.

Weight gain/loss? +18

Maternity clothes? Yep.

Stretch marks? None so far.

Sleep? Ugh, I am so tired all the time. I remarked to BD the other day that I think I have become nocturnal. All day long all I want to do is take a nap (impossible, except on the weekends) and yet when the sun goes down I can't sleep for more than two hours without waking up. Either I have to get up to use the bathroom or I can't get physically comfortable or I'm thinking about my to-do list -- something is always wrecking my sleep. 

Best moment this week? The Big Siblings Prep class that MC went to last weekend. And at my 36 week appointment, the Dr confirmed that she is head down and is unlikely to switch around at this point, relieving the fear of breech positioning or other complications of that nature. The Dr also remarked that she feels like Baby Sister is going to be bigger than MC was at birth (7lb5oz). I have been wondering if Baby Sister is going to be longer than MC because she is causing me so much pain in my rib cage, but the Dr said that many times 2nd babies don't "drop" like 1st babies do, which causes the ribs to painfully stretch and expand.

Food cravings/aversions? It has been so hot here, and I am starting to have some minor swelling in my feet and ankles in the evenings, which I never had with MC, so I am working hard to keep myself hydrated. As a result, I am drinking water by what feels like the gallon and craving juicy fruits - grapes, oranges, watermelon. My blood pressure continues to be normal, so no worries about the swelling, other than being an annoyance.

Gender? Girl.

Belly button in or out? Flat, but just barely.

Movement? Lots of movement, but I can definitely tell she's starting to get snug in there. The movement has turned from sharp, quick jabs to slower rolling type moves.

What I miss? Sleep. I miss sleep.

What I'm looking forward to? I was tested for Group B Strep today, and I am hoping that comes back negative, which means not having to be hooked up to IV antibiotics during labor. I am planning and hoping for another unmedicated labor and delivery, and a big part of pain management for me is the ability to get up and move around, so I don't want to have to drag an IV pole around with me for several hours if I can avoid it! I was GBS negative during my pregnancy with MC, but your status can change.

How's Mommy feeling? Other than the tiredness factor, I'm feeling okay. I am making it a point to get out and exercise at least 3x/week, and MC and I have been spending a lot of time at the pool - both of which help me feel good and keep any swelling to a minimum. I am starting to have some bittersweet moments where I find myself thinking about this being the last of our time as a family of 3 or the last of the time where it's just MC and me together.

How's Daddy feeling? Excited and a little nervous after scheduling our last 4 weekly appointments with the OB after our 36 week appointment.

Milestones? All of our "must do" tasks are done - the car seat and rock-n-play (where she will sleep) are washed and put back together; a couple loads of tiny clothes have been washed, and we bought a box of newborn diapers. So if she came today, we wouldn't be totally unprepared. We are still working in her room. The crib is together, and although we aren't expecting her to actually sleep in the crib for a while, it does make the room look more complete. We're still working on window coverings, wall decorations, etc.

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Peggy said...

Reading all of this makes her birth sound so imminent! I had swelling of the ankles with you also!! It's wonderful that there is so much information coming from the doctor than "back in the day"! All the preparations are so exciting, although I know tiring for you. Can't wait to meet baby sister! AND to see M's reaction!!!