Monday, July 11, 2016

Getting Ready for Baby Sister

A friend handed down to us a really nice baby swing to use when Baby Sister arrives. MC made sure to perform a thorough QC check on it using her stuffed animals.

Recently she attended a Big Siblings Prep class with a local doula. She learned about how babies look and sound and what they do. She learned about diapering and feeding and dressing a baby, and she learned lots of ways that she can help Mama and Daddy when the new baby comes home.

I am working on a couple of DIY projects for Baby Sister's room, so MC needed a project to work on for her room as well. We picked out paints that match Baby Sister's crib bedding, and MC painted a canvas to hang in her room. It turned out really cute, and MC is very proud of it.

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Peggy said...

Fun times! She'll be a great big sister!!