Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Butterfly Garden 2016

MC had so much fun with her butterfly garden from last year and talked about it all year long, so we decided to put it on her birthday wish list this year. We ordered the caterpillars after we returned from our beach trip.  

Days 1 - 7

The first week the caterpillars mostly just eat their food and crawl around in their cup.

Days 8 - 9

By day 8 they had all formed their cocoons and began the transformation process.

Days 10 - 14

After the shells had a couple of days to harden,we moved them to the butterfly habitat.

Days 15 - 18

The butterflies started emerging on day 15, so we were all on Butterfly Watch for about 48 hours. It is fascinating to watch them break out of the cocoon and dry their wings. Amazing that just a few days ago, it was a completely different insect!

We fed them fresh fruit and nectar that we dripped on mandevilla flowers that we picked from the pots on our deck.

Day 19

We released them early one morning before BD went to work.

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