Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Upstairs Bathroom Construction - Week 3

Day 11 - Vanity, Plumbing Fixtures, & Trim Work

On Day 11, the room really started to look like an actual bathroom! The vanity was set first. We looked at lots of "off the shelf" options for vanities but couldn't ever find anything we really liked or matched the style of our house. After some research, we discovered that we could custom order a vanity cabinet that matches the rest of the kitchen & bathroom cabinets in our house; it was a surprisingly quick and cost effective option despite the fact that it was a custom order. We did cut some of the cost by sending BD to Raleigh to pick it up and "installing it ourselves" (i.e., our contractor installed it since that was already included in the cost of our project) instead of having the cabinet company deliver and install it. After the vanity was set, the plumbers returned to install all the plumbing fixtures (toilet, faucets, etc.).

And the trim carpenters reinstalled all the trim that had been removed during demo. They were able to save and reuse most of the trim that was removed, which also saved us some money.

Day 12 - Paint

Painting started and completed on Day 12 - the new wall and ceiling of the office was painted.

The new bathroom walls, ceiling, and trim were painted.

The new bathroom door and trim were painted.

And the wall and trim in the dining room was repainted.

Day 13 - Nothing

The painters were scheduled for 2 days but finished in 1, so we ended up with a dead day.

Day 14 - Doorknob

Day 14 was also a slow progress day. The only things that happened on day 14 were the doorknob was installed on the bathroom door, and the tile installer fixed the threshold that we felt was sitting too high in the doorway.

Day 15 - Electrical

On Day 15, the electricians returned to install the light fixtures and the vent fan. The final inspection had also been called in for this day, but the inspector never showed up.

Day 16 - Final Inspection

The inspector came on day 16 and signed off on the final inspection, so we were all done! BD and I still have some finish work to do - knobs for cabinets, mirror, etc - but overall we have a functioning bathroom in what was previously unused space! 

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