Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

We had a fun and low-key Memorial Day weekend this year. On Saturday afternoon we made the trek to Apex, so we could get a Pelican's Snoball. Snoballs are not really a "thing" here in NC like they are in Louisiana, so there is not a snoball stand on every corner.

This was MC's first snoball and she chose Blue Raspberry flavor. She loved it! Luckily we have friends that live near here, so we will definitely plan another trip this summer for a snoball & park playdate!

On Sunday evening our neighbors had a BBQ, so we broke out MC's festive holiday wear! 

She was worried about the thunder rumbling in the distance, so I didn't get many pictures of her.

On Monday we all enjoyed some cold watermelon.

Even Piper got in on the watermelon action!

[Side note: Piper is the most uninterested-in-people-food dog that I've ever seen. We are very careful about her diet, just like we were with Kip (although we have no reason to suspect she has food allergies like he did), but with a preschooler around, she has plenty of opportunities to find a random goldfish/pretzel/cheerio on the floor. And instead I always find them still on the floor, right wherever MC dropped it. We have tried to feed her several varieties of fresh vegetables and fruit but she has never eaten anything until this watermelon!]

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