Tuesday, June 14, 2016

MC's 4th Birthday

Birthday Party

In the time leading up to MC's 4th birthday, she consistently told me she wanted to celebrate her birthday with balloons and sprinkle cupcakes and friends in our backyard. So...that's exactly what we did!

We started off with a simple balloon themed invitation. (I'm old school and still like to send paper invitations, so I ordered the .jpeg file from a designer on Etsy and had them printed on card stock at Staples.)

And then we made sure that we had plenty of balloons. This is what 60 balloons looks like in my kitchen, by the way. I bought the polka dot balloons and the happy birthday balloons in bulk (20 of each) and then purchased the solid colors from a local balloon store. They also inflated all the balloons for us and delivered them to our house before the party. I was super impressed with both their service and their competitive prices, so they have earned another loyal customer!

The weather didn't cooperate for us to have the party in the backyard; we had a significant threat of severe weather - which never actually materialized - so we moved the party into the garage and inside our house.

This was the view from the front door with balloons and pennant banner decorating the banister.

We set up all the snacks in our dining room. Our dining room was still somewhat disassembled from the bathroom project; the table was turned sideways and the rug was put away, so we had plenty of room for snacks + mingling in there.

In the garage we set up a face mask painting station, our small bounce house/ball pit, and our sand and water table. And we had two box fans blowing in there to keep the temperature bearable because it was really hot and humid outside. 

I reused my balloon wreath for the front door from last year and updated it with a new number.

Another request by MC - a sparkly #4 balloon - and some presents from her sweet friends.

Sprinkle cupcakes? Check.

Daddy lit the candle on her cupcake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.

She blew out the candle all by herself this year!

Later in the evening after the party she opened gifts from her friends.


We spent the day of her actual birthday with just the 3 of us together.

We took her to Build-A-Bear Workshop, so she could put her paci inside a special teddy bear*. She picked out which animal she wanted and helped put the stuffing into his body.

The lady sewed him up after he was stuffed.

And then MC gave her new bear a "bath" so he was all clean and ready to come home with her.

She picked out a Happy Birthday t-shirt, underwear, and jean shorts for the bear to wear.

Family selfie with our new Paci Bear.

For lunch we ate sandwiches at Jersey Mike's - one of her favorite places to eat a turkey, cheese, lettuce, and pickle sandwich.

Then later in the afternoon we sang Happy Birthday to her and ate the cake that she had helped bake and decorate earlier in the day. By her request we had yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

*This topic really deserves a post all of its own. MC is very attached to her paci for sleeping. It is the only version of a "lovey" that she has ever had. We had talked and talked about this transition for months leading up to this day. And while we are now officially paci free, this change has been a huge challenge for our whole family. It has made bedtime go from a peaceful & smooth ending of the day to an enormous struggle for all of us. We are doing everything we can to help our girl through this change, but it has not been easy.

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