Sunday, June 12, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, MC!

MC turned 4 today! This past year has been an exciting year for our big girl:
  • She moved into a big girl bed.
  • She daytime potty trained (she wears a pull-up at night).
  • She started her first activity that she attended alone without a parent (Parents' Morning Out).
  • She became a future big sister.
You hear lots of things about age 3 - that it's worse than the "terrible 2s" - and we did experience our share of that challenging behavior, but the truth is I have enjoyed her being 3. The whole strong willed, battle fighting, stubborn little monster that she is. She drives us nuts, and we adore her. I hope that means she's going to be strong and independent and carve her own path. But not just yet, 4 years have already gone in a flash, even quicker since we found out Baby Sister is on the way. I am torn in the in between of raising a kick ass young woman that believes she can do anything, and wanting to freeze time so she will stay little forever.

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