Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spring 2016 - Outdoor Fun

Our pool opened a few days ago for the summer season, but for the week or so leading up to opening day it was cool and rainy here. I knew the water would be too cold for me to enjoy the pool, so instead we compromised by getting out MC's water sprinkler in the back yard.

BD sets a good example for her about keeping vehicles clean, so one afternoon she got busy washing and scrubbing her truck.

I'm pretty sure that's an old toilet brush she's using to scrub, but she found it in BD's car wash supplies and wanted to use it.

One afternoon our little neighbor came over to play for a few hours. MC and E are really good playmates for each other, and they had a great time together. We ate lunch then played outside and had popsicles.

Here are some of BD's landscaping/green thumb skills on display.

This hydrangea lives by our front porch and gets enormous every year. We learned the hard way several years ago that the deer will mow down an entire hydrangea bush overnight, so now each year he protects it with some fencing.

This is a daylily transplanted from Louisiana. We have several of them in our front yard but once again the deer assume we plant all things for their benefit and have chomped off the flowers each time they bloom. We've got to get some protective netting over them but for now this one in our front flowerbed appears to be safe. 

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Peggy said...

Loved all the pics! So sorry the deer are eating the daylillies!!