Friday, May 20, 2016

Preschool Craft: Windsocks

A few weeks ago at her Parents' Morning Out program, the craft they made that day was a windsock. It was super cute but made out of a paper towel roll, so it wasn't very practical for hanging outside. I told her we'd make another one that would be more durable and suited for being outside. I gathered some ideas from Pinterest, and we ended up with not only a cute craft but lots of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills practice!

We started with an empty Gatorade bottle with the top and bottom cut off and painted that with acrylic paints.

Then we strung plastic beads on fishing line to hang down from the windsock and blow in the breeze. (This was MC's favorite part of the project.) BD made several holes along the bottom of the bottle and we tied our strings of beads in the hole.

We used a loop of fishing line to hang our windsocks from the umbrella over the table on the deck, so we can enjoy them all summer! Here is our first finished windsock; we made a total of 3.

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Peggy said...

I love it!! It's so colorful!!