Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pregnancy Update: Baby #2, 28 Weeks

How far along? Picture taken at 28w, 5d -- officially THIRD trimester!!

Size of baby? Large eggplant - 10" crown to rump, 2.5 pounds. Baby Sister's lungs are now capable of breathing air, and she can blink her eyes.

Weight gain/loss? +10 as of last week. The average weight gain for 3rd trimester is 1 pound per week, which would put me at +22 pounds total for this pregnancy - exactly the amount I gained with MC. At least I'm consistent!

Maternity clothes? Yep. And already growing tired of them. It might be a long summer, LOL.

Stretch marks? Not yet.

Sleep? About the same, hit or miss. A friend gave me one of those pregnancy pillows - some nights it is helpful and some nights it makes me feel claustrophobic. (BD calls it The Violator because he likes to snuggle up with his back facing me, and it pokes him in the rear end.)   

Best moment this week? This happened several weeks ago, but when we told MC what Baby Sister's real name is, she said "I like Fernando better."

Food cravings/aversions? No changes here. I still end up taking anti-nausea meds about every other day. But not really any cravings or aversions.

Gender? Girl.

Belly button in or out? Still in but getting very shallow.

Movement? Lots of movement, she's practicing her karate moves in there - especially if I lay or sit and get still. Now that we're in the third trimester, I am doing Count the Kicks which is a new (to me) public health campaign to help prevent late-term stillbirth. I had never heard of it when I was pregnant with MC, but the midwife mentioned it to me at our last appointment.

What I miss? I am starting to have some pain in my hips/pelvis/lower back, as my ligaments and joints begin to relax in preparation for giving birth. I push MC in the stroller several times a week through our very hilly neighborhood, and that aggravates the pain -- but on the other hand the exercise is very important to me, both physically and mentally. So I miss the "ease" of getting exercise when I'm not pregnant. The midwife recommended trying a pregnancy support belt, so I need to get myself one of those.

What I'm looking forward to? Our bathroom addition project being completed. (Project is well underway - more details soon in a future post!)

How's Mommy feeling? I am still learning to say this without feeling any guilt or shame, but pregnancy is just not my favorite state of being. I'm tired; I physically don't feel well for a majority of the time, and I'm grumpy (-ier than usual). As I said to BD recently, "The end result is definitely worth it, but there are lots of $hitty parts leading up to it."

How's Daddy feeling? Feeling pretty good. Bathroom construction is almost done, which means we can get the house put back together and get Baby Sister's room looking like a real nursery.

Milestones? Baby Sister's room is painted; her dresser and rocker are both here. So even though the room is still in total disarray due to the bathroom construction, it does feel like we're moving in the right direction to be ready for a baby in a few months!

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Peggy said...

So good to read all the news about baby #2 and you!!