Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Here are some pictures of our girl from April and early May 2016.

Snuggled up with her giant teddy bear and a few other stuffed friends.

After a trip to the library we stopped at the local bakery then walked a few blocks down to a little park to eat our treats. She had her usual sugar cookie with sprinkles and a milk. And yes, that is a stuffed gorilla wearing MC's clothes. #dontaskshes3

Piper loves to sit in the lawn chairs when we get them out in the back yard.

She dressed herself in what I lovingly refer to as her "Goodwill Reject" style - turquoise t-shirt, mint green skirt, pink socks, black shoes. And a temporary tattoo on her shin, just to class it up a bit.

 Entertaining ourselves at Lowe's on a rainy weekend afternoon.

The cornbread muffins were in a bag on top of the fridge, and I was taking a shower, so she pushed her bathroom stool into the kitchen, climbed up on the counter, and helped herself to a muffin. I walked around the corner just in time to see this and catch a picture. No one will ever accuse this child of not having enough determination, once she has made up her mind about something.

Enjoying a watermelon snack with Daddy.

Playing with her bubble fan - entertainment for both her and Piper. Best $2 I've ever spent.

We have lots and lots (and lots) of imaginative play going on around here these days. This scenario started off with her in a Doc McStuffins outfit and these were her patients at her clinic, but it had already morphed into something different by the time I took the pic. (Notice that all the stuffed animals are wearing a pair of MC's shoes.)

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Peggy said...

Great pics!! Fun times!! At her age I was climbing up on the counter to get the sugar bowl out of the cabinet before Mama and Daddy woke up in the morning!!