Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Upstairs Bathroom Construction - Week 1

The upstairs of our house is U-shaped. One one side there are two large bedrooms and a full bath; on the other side there are two large bedrooms. The two bedrooms on the side with the bathroom are MC's and (future) Baby Sister's rooms. One bedroom on the other side we use as a guest room, and the other as office/storage, which means our guests have to walk completely across the house to use the bathroom. The office/storage room was long and rectangular so we decided to steal some space from that room to create another full hall-access bathroom on that side of the house.

Here is a not-to-scale sketch to give you a better idea of the current and new floor plan. (I realize in the "new" sketch the whole thing looks bigger. It's not; I'm just a bad artist. We basically just built a new wall in the office to create the bathroom space.)

We have talked about this project for years and even talked to some contractors about it last year but never went any farther than that. Once we found out we were expecting Baby Sister, we knew we needed to get moving on it, so we finally got our act together this spring and construction started last week.

Day 1 - Demo & Framing

The new bathroom door opening to the hallway has been cut, and the existing sheetrock has been removed. And the new wall in the office that forms the second wall of the bathroom has been framed out.

View from inside the office.

View from the hallway into new bathroom. Existing office door on far left; existing guest bedroom door down the hall to the right.

The plumbing for the new bathroom will run through the floor in the guest room closet, so that carpet has been removed and an access hole has been cut.

To get the new plumbing out and under the house, the pipes will run downstairs through the wall in the dining room, so an access hole has been cut here as well. (And the door from the dining room into the kitchen has been blocked off to minimize dust and debris.)

Day 2 - Electrical

New wiring has been run for bathroom fixtures and to relocate existing plugs/cable jack to the new wall of the office.

Day 3 - HVAC

The existing office space had 2 A/C vents but the new wall went directly over one of them. So that vent was relocated to service the new bathroom.

Day 4 & 5 - Plumbing

As you can imagine, the plumbing was the most challenging aspect of this project. It took two full days for the new indoor & outdoor plumbing to be put into place.

Look! We have a bathtub! And some new plumbing lines running through the walls!

View from standing in the new bathroom doorway.

View from standing in the office.

 New pipes running underneath the new bathroom floor.

New pipes running through the guest room closet floor (and a curious Piper).

Somehow we missed getting a picture of the new pipes that were installed in the wall of the dining room. Most of the new indoor plumbing was installed on Day 4. On Day 5 they spent the majority of the day under the house, running new lines and connecting in with our existing sewer system.

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