Monday, April 4, 2016

Conversations at 3.75

We took MC to a Mongolian Grill restaurant (Miss Picky ate cheese and crackers and fruit from home, but the exposure to new food counts for something, right?!). She was very interested in watching them cook on the grill, and one of the guys behind the counter was very friendly...

Man: I think she's old enough to work!

LA: MC, he says you can come work in the kitchen. Do you want a job?
MC: I'm only 3!
LA: He's teasing you. But one day when you get older you could work in a restaurant.
MC: Yeah, like when I'm 6. I think the chef is 6.


We are driving to a neighboring city, and MC is getting impatient...

BD: Guess what, MC?! We're in [town name]!
MC: Daddy, how do you know we're in [town name]?
BD: Because suddenly I see women with unshaved legs and arm pits.
LA: I hope she repeats that when you're out with her, not me.


MC: I'm a girl. You're a girl. Baby Sister is a girl. Piper is a girl. How is Daddy going to take care of all these girls around here?!


We're discussing what the Easter Bunny might put in her basket...

LA: He'll probably bring you some chocolate or other sweet goodies.
MC: Like syrup!


One of our neighbors left a St. Patrick's Day treat in our mailbox...

MC, opening the mailbox: *gasp* I think a leprechaun left it for me!!


We're listening to Carolina basketball pre-game on the radio. The announcers mention Marcus Paige...

MC: Oooooh. We like Marcus Paige!


A few weeks ago we had a wolf spider in our garage. (It was about the size of my hand; it was horrifying.) When we were at the Life & Science Museum recently, she saw a tarantula in the insect exhibit...

MC: Look, Mama! It looks just like the spider in our garage!


MC: Mama, I'm a smart kid. And as I get older, I'm going to get smarter and smarter.


BD, holding up this week's Sports Illustrated: MC, who's this?
MC: Brice Johnson!
BD: Who does he play for?
MD: Carolina. Go Heels!
BD: I have never been prouder.

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Peggy said...

Funny!!! Loved them!!