Friday, March 25, 2016

Swimming Lessons

MC started private swimming lessons back in September. She has always loved the water, and we've done several parent and tot swim classes, but this has been her first experience being one-on-one in the water with an instructor. She took to her instructor right away, which was somewhat of a surprise coming from our reserved girl. Minus a setback due to the fire alarm going off at the pool during one of her lessons, she has really enjoyed learning to swim. Each week she has progressed, but in January something "clicked" with her and her swimming has improved by leaps and bounds with every lesson. At this point, she is swimming independently underwater for short distances. Last week I took the camera to capture a few shots of her during the lesson.

Waiting patiently for her lesson to begin. Every week when we're getting dressed to head to the pool, she says, "I can't wait for swimming! It's been so long since I've been there!"

Doing "stingrays" - Coach M lines up several swim rings in a row, and MC swims down along the bottom and retrieves them.

Working on breath control and kicking to the surface by jumping off the side of the pool.

Doing "starfish" - back floats. She does this independently as she counts to 5, and most recently she's learned to put her feet down under her and raise her head up to get back to a vertical standing position. (This is in shallow water, obviously.)

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Peggy said...

It's so wonderful that she loves to swim!!!