Thursday, March 10, 2016

Conversations at 3.5

Shortly after we found out we are expecting Baby #2, before we had told anyone or even had the first Dr appt...

MC: I want to be a big brother!
BD: You do?
MC: Yes. I want Mama to have a baby in her tummy.
BD: Why do you want Mama to have a baby in her tummy?
MC: Because I want to tell the baby hi!


BD is recovering from a cold...

MC: What's wrong with Daddy's voice?
LA: He has laryngitis in his throat.
MC: Well, don't swallow it!


We are playing "store". I am on the couch, in the throes of morning sickness...

MC: Okay, I'm ready to check out.
LA: Can you scan your items so I don't have to get up?
MC: No! This isn't self checkout!


She has a temporary tattoo on her foot. After removing her socks and shoes, she discovers that most of the tattoo has rubbed off...

MC: OH NOOOOO!! My left foot is RUINED!!


We are on the couch one early morning, and she sees a squirrel outside sitting on the top of her playset... 

MC: OH NOOOO!! There's a chipmunk on my playset and he's eating it!!!
LA: That's a squirrel, and no he's not.
MC: It's okay. I'll just scare him away. (Screaming as loud as she possibly can, still on the couch.) GO AWAY, SQUIRREL. GET OUT OF HERE!! DON'T EAT MY PLAYSET!! (Squirrel happens to jump down.) Oh, good. That worked.

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Peggy said...

LOL!! Great conversations!!