Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve 2016

For New Year's Eve celebration, we continued our tradition of making s'mores (in the microwave because 4 year olds + open flames are not usually a good idea).

And we attempted to do sparklers in the driveway, but MC was pretty anxious about holding them even with a plastic cup to protect our hands. Plus, the sparklers we had have been around since July 4th so they were somewhat reluctant to burn and several were total duds.

She did enjoy the sparkly headband and the party horn that she received at a neighbor's birthday party earlier in the day!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016 (GL's First Christmas!)

We had a weekend full of fun for our first Christmas as a family of 4!

On Christmas Eve morning BD and MC rolled, cut out, and baked sugar cookies.

By the time GL and I got up, the cookies were cooled and ready for decorating to leave out for Santa! 

GL mostly watched from the confines of her bouncy seat.

MC had lots of fun (and lots of sprinkles) decorating the cookies.

Later in the day we got dressed to go out for a late lunch.

That evening Santa came and delivered some fun presents for the girls!

MC got a Minnie Mouse bike!

She got art supplies and a little bit of Christmas candy in her stocking.

 GL watched while MC opened presents and stockings for both of them. MC would tear open GL's presents, and then show her what it was. GL got books, new bowls & plates, and a pair of fleece booties in her stocking.

After all the presents had been opened we ate monkey bread for breakfast then we took some family photos in front of the Christmas tree.

 December 25, 2016

 The rest of the day we spent playing with all our new toys and games.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Conversations at 4.5

MC: GL took a long time to grow in your belly. Like 28 years!
LA: Well, not quite that long. She took about 40 weeks.
MC: Whoa. I can't even count that high!

We have a new babysitter.
MC: Miss MsB was awesome and fun! She can read; she can play. I think she might be a giant!
BD: Really? You think she's a giant?
MC: You never know, Daddy. She just might be.

At preschool they had a unit on space. It has provided us with lots of interesting facts about space, astronauts, planets, etc. 

MC: On the moon, you take big bouncy steps because there's no gravity.
MC: Saturn has 3 rings.
MC: There is no air in space, so astronauts wear a tank on their back with fresh air to breathe.

The same week they learned about space, the International Space Station made a visible pass over the East Coast, so we took her outside to see it before bed.

MC: When we see the space ship, will we also see the Big Dropper?


MC has a large vocabulary and very clear pronunciation with almost everything she says, which makes the few remaining toddler-isms and mispronunciations so cute.

She combines huge and enormous into "huge-normous".
She pronounces mirror as "mirry-or".
She says "realize" when she means "recognize".

MC: Will they realize me when we go to the vet's office? They haven't seen me in a while!
MC: I realize this song!

We've been reading the Cajun version of Twas the Night Before Christmas. The illustrations are all pen & ink, so the whole book has a very old look.

MC: This book was written a long time ago, before the house helped you do stuff like our house does.
BD: Our house helps us do stuff?
MC: Yeah, like the dish washer washes our dishes and the washing machine washes our clothes.
BD: People had to do that by hand in this book.
MC: I bet that took a long time!


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Fun

We had some fun and festive activities in the days leading up to Christmas this year. 

MC's preschool class celebrated with a holiday party on the last day of school before winter break, so she got dressed up in her Be Jolly shirt and red sparkly pants.

In the goodie bag from her school party was a dreidel and instruction sheet, so we had fun learning how to play The Dreidel Game.

We decorated (and ate!) a few cookies for Santa with our neighborhood friends.

On Christmas Eve eve we went bowling.

BD and MC made cocoon cookies - one of their favorite holiday traditions!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2016 Christmas Card

We used two photos from GL's newborn photos for our Christmas card this year.

Monday, December 19, 2016

GL Meets Santa

We took GL to our local mall here in Chapel Hill to meet Santa for the first time. We all tried our best to get her to give us a smile, but she was not interested at all! (And doesn't Santa look just as thrilled about it as she does??!)

December 17, 2016

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Here are some pictures of our girls. MC is 4 years old, and GL is 3 months old in these pictures.

We have lots and lots of pretend/imaginative play that goes on around here. In this picture, she has made beds out of dish cloths & towels for herself and her Paw Patrol figures. They were on vacation and needed beds to sleep in at their condo.

At a neighbor's birthday party, they had a decorate your own cupcake station.

GL on her play mat but craning her neck to see what MC is watching on TV.

Everyone knows that real chefs wear bunny ears!

MC entertaining GL during tummy time.

GL had a mild cold, so MC made a get well soon card for GL at preschool and dictated to her teacher what the note should say.

Have you heard of the Melting Snowman? I found it at the craft store, and MC has had lots of fun making him and watching him melt.

GL was hanging out on her blanket, so the other two needed their own blankets, too, of course!

MC painted some fruits - can you spot the strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, grapes, and orange?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

GL is Four Months Old!

December 8, 2016

Our sweet little GL turned 4 months old last week. We have started calling her "Birdie" because she makes the cutest little chirps and tweets and trills at us all the time. Such a big change seems to happen for babies between months 3-4. They go from little floppy newborn to sturdier more interactive infant, and it is just so fun to experience it along with her.

Her head and neck control is really good, and we've even started putting her in the Bumbo chair for short periods of time. She really seems to like seeing the world from a new sitting-up perspective.

This month she has started rolling from tummy to back, grabbing her feet, and putting her hands in her mouth. She has also started reaching out for toys (and hair) if they come within reach for her little grabby hands.

But definitely the most fun development this month is her belly laughs. She had a few chuckles for us previously, but now several times she has given a full on belly laugh for some of MC's antics. It is adorable, and MC just bursts with pride when she is able to make GL laugh. It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

Four Month Info


12lb 6oz

She is currently in the 13% for weight and 20% for height - petite but staying on her growth curve, so all is well. And 81% for head circumference..."big brained", as the pediatrician said - LOL!


She is still exclusively breast fed on demand, and that continues to go well. She will also easily take a bottle of expressed breast milk if I need to be away from her for some reason. She does seem to be more impatient at the breast after she has recently had a bottle (because she doesn't have to wait for milk from a bottle like she does from the breast), so she only gets a bottle when necessary.


Her first stretch of night sleep is the longest, usually somewhere between 4-5 hours. After that initial stretch she's up every 2-3 hours. She is currently sleeping swaddled with both arms in, in the swing in our bedroom.

During the day she usually cycles through sleep and awake every 1.5-2 hours, with a longer nap in the mid-afternoon of 2 or 3 hours. I'm expecting her sleeping to become more structured over the next few months, but for now she basically sleeps when she's sleepy.


She is wearing 3-6 month clothes with some growing room.

Three Months

Two Months

One Month

Monday, December 12, 2016

GL Pictures

Here are some pictures of our littlest love. GL is 3 months old in these pictures.

She was all smiles as we waited at the mechanic's shop for BD's truck to get some maintenance work.

When you have a 4 year old big sister, sometimes you end up wearing bunny ears in November.

Bundled up for a walk in the neighborhood on a chilly morning.

I snapped this pic on Black Friday...home in the rocker with my sleeping baby - no place I'd rather be!

BD reading bedtime stories to GL.

GL doing some tummy time. Piper's doing her tummy time, too, and trying to steal a little blanket space!

BD calls her "G-money" when she wears this little head wrap because he says she looks like a little baby gangster. Cutest little gangster I've ever seen!

She likes to hold hands while she naps.

Doing her studies.