Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 was a fun time at our house! This is the first year that MC really got into Santa Claus - understanding that he was coming to our house to bring her new toys. We read lots of books and answered lots of questions about Santa Claus all month long! At her request we went to the mall to see Santa, but once we got there she didn't want to talk to him or sit in his lap, although she did show him her Christmas list that she made! (She cut pictures out of toy catalogs and glued them to a piece of paper.)

December 25, 2015
On Christmas Eve, BD and MC made and decorated cookies for Santa.

And sampled a few, of course!

We put cookies and milk out for Santa before bed on Christmas Eve. We were supposed to put food (carrots) out for the reindeer, but we forgot, so that is on our 'must-do' list for next Christmas.

For dinner on Christmas Eve, we took MC to her first visit to the Melting Pot. We knew she would not have interest in doing the full 2+ hour dinner course, so we did cheese fondue, salad, and dessert fondue.

Chocolate fondue for dessert was a bit hit!

On Christmas morning, MC woke up to find that Santa has visited us overnight!

She got lots of new toys, games, and books.

She spied this toy vacuum cleaner several weeks before Christmas and pushed it all around the store while we shopped. It lights up and makes noise, but unfortunately does not have any real suction. (I could use the help keeping the floors clean, LOL!)

A new race track with remote control cars.

And a new cash register for playing store.

Daddy was the first customer at her store on Christmas morning.

Later in the day, she tried out her new table-top art easel by drawing her first snowman!

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