Sunday, November 22, 2015

NC State Fair 2015

Last month we took MC to the NC State Fair for the 4th year in a row! We've taken her every year since she was born. It has become a fun little tradition for our family. This year BD's mom was visiting, so she also got to experience the fair with us.

Our first stop was the extensive flower and garden show. There are a lot of cool things to explore and look at in this section. And bonus points because it's shady and usually uncrowded. This year there were a ton of these painted cut-out photo props. MC was being a garden snail in this one.

Green frog made out of recycled tires.

The next stop we made was the Agriculture building to see all the livestock and produce. It was super crowded in there, so I didn't get any pictures of the enormous pumpkins, but I think this year's winner was around 1500 pounds. 

Next we watched the pig races. This was a first for MC; we haven't watched this event since before she was born. It is usually pigs, goats, and ducks, but the ducks had to stay home this year because of concerns about the avian flu.

We had great front row seats, but it was a little loud and overwhelming for MC, so we didn't stay for the whole show. BD held her up at the back of the crowd to watch a little more before we left.

Our next stop was the carousel; this is always MC's favorite part of the fair. This year we also rode the Ferris wheel, and she loved that ride too, so I imagine it will be added to our state fair "must do" list for the upcoming years. 

We ended the day with a fried candy bar and some fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. I didn't get any hand-cut fries this year because we didn't find the booth until right as we were leaving; I won't make that mistake again next year!

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