Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Day in the Life

Monday, September 21, 2015

MC is 3.25y
LA & BD are 35

6:40a - Our little blonde alarm clock starts calling "DaddyDaddyDaddy" from upstairs, despite the fact that her OK to Wake! clock is set for 6:45am. BD heads upstairs, and our day has begun.

6:50a - I get up and put on my workout clothes. Thankfully I randomly turned on my bedside lamp before getting dressed because I spotted a spider on my shirt! *ICK* What a lovely way to start my day. Let Piper out of her crate, leash up, and we're out the door for a run.  On my way out the door I can hear MC & BD giggling upstairs in her bedroom.

7:30a - Back home from exercise. MC and BD are on the couch watching Dora, and MC is eating mini blueberry muffins that I baked yesterday. I take a quick shower to rinse off the sweat and heat up some pumpkin bread (that I also baked yesterday) for breakfast.

7:45a - Trade places on the couch with BD, so he can start getting ready for work. Work on some puzzles with MC. I bought these puzzles at the kids' consignment store last week, and she is loving them.

8:00a - Start telling MC that we need to start making her "real" breakfast (the muffins were just an early morning snack) because we have a busy day, and she needs a full tummy. She requests cheesy grits but wants to work on another puzzle before I start cooking.

8:10a - Cook and serve grits. Sit down with her at table and eat a banana. She watches an episode of Curious George, and I check email, FB, etc on my phone.

8:30a - BD leaves the house with Piper in tow. Piper's going to a 1/2 day of doggie daycare today for some socialization with other pups, so BD will drop her off on his way in to the office.

8:40a - Start telling MC that we need to finish up breakfast, so we can get dressed for music class. Ask if she wants to get dressed first or if I should get dressed first. No answer, so I begin cleaning up her breakfast mess. Minor meltdown because I "left before George was over". Ask her again who should get dressed first. She chooses herself.

8:50a - Upstairs to get MC ready for the day. The process goes surprisingly smoothly with minimal resistance and/or screaming. Potty, teeth and hair brushed, clothes and shoes on in 15 minutes? I call that a WIN.

9:05a - Downstairs to get myself ready for the day, (i.e. brush my teeth and throw on jeans and a t-shirt). Decide I don't have time to straighten my hair so the I-washed-my-hair-last-night-but-didn't-dry-it-all-the-way-before-pulling-it-up-for-bed look will have to do. Pick a scarf out to at least pretend I tried a little bit.

9:15a - Gather up her bag for swim lessons, glad I packed most of it last night. Pack her some snacks and refill her water bottle, and we're out the door to begin the car loading process.

9:30a - Music class - sing, dance, instruments, scarves, etc.

10:15a - Music class over. Today is our first day of swim lessons after music class (swim lessons have previously been on a different day), so we have about an hour to kill. Decide it is a nice day to spend some time on a nearby playground.

10:30a - Arrive at playground - swings, seesaw, climbing on various structures. We are literally the only people on the playground, which is actually kind of creepy. MC finds an abandoned pair of shoes, proceeds to ask 50 questions about the shoes, including asking if each car that drives past is going to stop and pick up the shoes. The word "shoes" starts to sound funny to me.

11:00a - Time to leave playground to head to pool for swim lessons. Stop by the ATM on the way because I have no cash. MC asks many questions about stopping to get money from the ATM. She keeps asking me "why?" but my answer of "just so I can have some cash on hand, not for a specific purchase" does not appease her, so she begins to suggest reasons why I would need cash. My favorite out of the very long list is "to buy a rainbow?" Sometimes it feels a little like being interrogated by a CIA agent, but I do love the glimpse into how her mind works and how complex her thoughts are. 

11:20a - Arrive at the pool, head to locker room to change. We usually use the family locker room but today the Special Olympics kids are finishing up their pool time, so the family locker rooms are occupied. Go to the women's locker room, where MC changes into her swimsuit but refuses to use the potty because it is a row of stalls, and she is not comfortable using public bathrooms yet. The locker room is filled with senior citizens in various stages of undress, getting ready for water aerobics. Try to whisk her out of there as quickly as possible, to avoid any loudly-voiced embarrassing questions about the human body. Mission thankfully accomplished.

11:30a - Swim lessons with Coach Melissa. This is her fourth lesson, and much to our surprise she has loved it from the first day! I sit on the sidelines and watch while they work on breath control, kicking, etc. She is laughing and having a great time. Coach Melissa gets my attention and says MC has to use the bathroom. The family locker rooms are open so we run in there, and she tee-tees on the potty. Potty training success!! Finish up swim lesson, and Coach Melissa does a brief "check-in" with me. Says MC is doing really well holding her breath but doesn't love the water in her face; says MC is a quick learner and athletic and has impressive hand/eye coordination for her age. Sounds to me like she's having fun and learning, which is exactly what we were hoping for with these private swim lessons. Head to locker room to change back into dry clothes.

12:15p - Drive over to doggie daycare to pick up Miss Piper Lou. She's had a fun morning with all the other dogs and is happy to see us. Head home for lunch.

12:50p - Arrive home, immediate potty break for MC, then I make a quick lunch for both of us. Decide to eat on the deck. MC is hungry and scarfs down a 1/2 peanut butter sandwich, a handful of grapes, and some pretzel sticks.

1:20p - Start talking about heading upstairs for nap time. Much drama/stalling/general noncooperation ensues. Clean up lunch stuff, coax MC inside.

1:45p - Finally upstairs to get ready for nap. Potty, brush teeth, pj's, story, and rock/sing.

2:05p - Close MC's door, head downstairs.

2:07p - Hear MC calling for me over the monitor. Take a deep breath and try to not be super annoyed at this relatively new stalling tactic. Mostly fail at not being annoyed. Go up to check on her. She has "lost her paci" and needs me to find it. I'm so tired of the damn paci but also terrified to make her give it up. Find her paci that she has hidden under the blanket and tell her it's time to close her eyes and take a nap.

2:08p - Back downstairs. Check email, FB, blogs, etc on my phone until I'm sure all is quiet upstairs.

2:25p - No word from upstairs, so she must be sleeping. Unload dishwasher, reload dishwasher. Start cooking supper. We're having stuffed bell peppers, which I love and we haven't had in a while, but it is pretty time-consuming to prepare.

3:15p - Finished with supper - it's completely ready and sitting covered on the counter to be put in the oven this evening. Hand wash the remaining dishes. Pat myself on the back for such a productive nap time!

3:40p - Text with a friend. Sit down to read my book for a few minutes before I go wake up MC.

4:10p - Piper and I go upstairs to wake up MC. She is sound asleep and probably would keep sleeping for a while, but 2ish hours is the limit or else bedtime is a freaking nightmare. She slowly rouses and we spend a few minutes lovin' on Piper, who's snuggled up to MC on the bed.

4:30p - MC needs a snack so we head downstairs. She chooses peanuts and a fruit pouch and wants to watch an episode of Go Diego, Go!  I sit next to her on the couch and read my book.

4:50p - Diego's over so I suggest that we go outside and work on our art project. We bought mini-pumpkins at the grocery store yesterday for her to paint. Gather up our art supplies and head outside. Paint pumpkins, play outside. At some point I go in and turn on oven and put in supper to heat.

6:00p - BD's home! The weather is really nice so he goes around the house and opens some windows to let in the fresh air. MC follows and chatters to him non-stop. She takes him outside to show off her painted pumpkins, and they entertain themselves for a few minutes while I get MC's supper ready.

6:20p - Everyone's supper is ready, so we all sit down at the table to eat together. Eating with a toddler is very hit-or-miss; some nights it is a complete disaster and other times it is pretty uneventful. (Notice I did not say relaxing. Nothing about eating with a toddler is relaxing. Ever.)

6:40p - MC is done with her dinner, so BD cleans her up and encourages her to go play in the playroom while he and I finish our food and talk to each other. She plays by herself for about 15 seconds before deciding that she needs one of us to be her playmate. I set the timer on my watch for 3 minutes and tell her one of us will come play when the timer beeps. Three minutes of adult conversation!! She does play by herself during that time, so each of us gets to say like 2 uninterrupted sentences. (Life with gotta take what you get.)

6:45p - We clean off the table quickly and go to the playroom, where we are instructed that we will be playing "music class". She bosses us around and tells us exactly how to play her game to suit her. It is a little like trying to play with a mentally unstable monkey. She instructs us to do something a particular way, and then 30 seconds later that way is totally wrong and unacceptable, despite the fact that we are doing exactly what she said.

7:05p - Start telling her that it's getting close to time for bath, and that we'll need to start picking up toys soon. She requests for me to set the timer on my watch. Set timer for 3 minutes.

7:20p - Playroom cleaned up. BD and MC head upstairs to do her bath. I finish cleaning up in the kitchen then sit down to read my book.

7:45p - MC calls for me to come upstairs. She is done with her bath and ready to dry her hair. She and BD are playing a silly game that involves swinging her around inside the bath towel. She loves it and requests him to do it "again!" over and over. Eventually get around to hair drying, teeth brushing, pj's on for bedtime.

8:00p - MC picks out her 3 books and we all sit down to read together. After books she chooses for BD to rock/sing tonight. I come downstairs and check email, FB, etc.

8:20p - BD back downstairs. We both hold our breath that she'll go to sleep and not call one of us back up there. BD sits down to watch TV.

8:30p - Still quiet upstairs so we assume she's asleep. I type up notes for this post and upload pics.

9:00p - Done uploading pics. BD watching Monday Night Football. I'd rather read than watch TV tonight, so I go wash face/brush teeth and get in bed to read.

10:15p - Lights out for me. BD still watching TV.

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