Friday, August 7, 2015

Life with Piper

Here are some pictures of our Piper-girl. She has been with us for about 8 months now, and we are getting to know her better all the time.

We call her a cat-dog. There are several reasons why...this is one of them...she climbs or jumps on everything! (Luckily the only thing she wants to climb on inside the house is the back of the couch.)

We know that she is husky-terrier. We think she's part vegetarian.

And maybe there's some fox mixed in there, too - check out that bushy tail!

She likes to sleep in some very strange spots and positions.

She loves her crate. She will happily go in it when we leave the house and at night. She also goes in there of her own accord just to nap.

She is quite the huntress. She's dug up 6 moles in our backyard so far this summer!

This is usually where she can be found when MC is getting ready for nap or bed.

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