Thursday, July 9, 2015

Three Years Old!

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Really cute

She is a talker. This has been MC's year of words! At her 18 month appointment, we expressed some concern about her lack of words, and the pediatrician reassured us that she was just waiting until "the time was right" before she started talking. She has always been a good communicator, and it was obvious that she understood what we were saying to her. And then at 2, it was like someone flipped her "talk" switch to the on position and she's never looked back! Her vocabulary has exploded over this past year; she surprises us every day with words and phrases used correctly that we didn't even realize she knows.Some of our most recent favorites are "No worries!" and "Hey, what's up?"

She is an observer and a people-watcher. When I take her to places like story time, she is much more interested in watching the other kiddos and their grown-ups than listening to a story. And then we often have long, speculative conversations about who those people are and what they are doing, and various other (totally random) aspects of their life. Recently at the grocery store, a friendly older gentlemen stopped to talk to her. She sat silently and didn't make eye contact the whole time he tried to engage with her. (This is a common thing - and we never force her to talk back to anyone or make a big deal out of it.) As soon as he walked away, we talked about him for the remainder of our shopping trip -- up to and including speculation about why he was wearing a blue t-shirt.

She is a book lover. We have tons of books in the house, and we make regular trips to the library to supplement our stash. We always read books at night before bedtime but very often we read them while she eats and at various other times throughout the day. When she is upset she wants to go sit in her rocking chair with her paci and read books.

She is a snuggler. She loves to be held and carried, and still often asks to be put in the baby carrier (Beco Gemini) on my back or front. While I don't always love lugging around a 25lb toddler, I will never miss an opportunity to cuddle with her.

She is reserved. During our music classes, which we've been doing for 2+ years now, she much prefers to sit in my lap and clap along or play an instrument while most of the other kids are running, jumping, spinning, etc. The music teacher, who I really respect and like a lot, has always told me to not worry... that MC was absorbing every bit of what is going on around her and that it would come back out eventually. She was right. It started as just random snippets of songs that MC would sing to herself or her babies as she played. And now at least once a week we have a full reenactment of the entire music class using her baby dolls as her classmates, usually song for song and dance for dance. But she continues to be very reserved in class.

She loves pretend play and using her imagination. This is currently one of my very favorite things to observe. Listening to her talk through her pretend scenarios gives us a glimpse into that little brain and how much she is absorbing from the world around her. I'll admit, sometimes it is a lot like playing schizophrenic pretend - the scenarios change in the blink of an eye, but we are learning to not interrupt and just go along with whatever crazy loop she has just thrown into the game. Most of the action centers around everyday activities; we pretend to go to the grocery store, music class, doctor's office; we pretend to take naps and baths; we pretend to cook and serve meals. I'll also admit that sometimes playing pretend doctor to every baby doll in the house with all of their various ailments for 87 times in a row does get pretty old at times. Her other favorite thing to pretend is that she's a "little baby".

Height: 35" (8%)
Weight: 25 lbs (5%)

Favorites (I asked her these questions)

Food: Mac & Cheese
Book: Steam Train, Dream Train by Sherri Duskey Rinker
Song: Old McDonald
Toy: baby dolls
TV: Daniel Tiger, Dora the Explorer, Blue's Clues, Strawberry Shortcake
Activities: playing outside, swimming pool (loves the water slide but not the diving board), riding escalators, 'come find me' (hide & seek)
Restaurant: The Bird (Red Robin Gourmet Burgers), Pizza place
Movie: Cinderella
Color: Orange (I get a different answer every time I ask this question)

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