Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Vacation 2015 - Hilton Head Island, SC

We spent last week on sunny, beautiful Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. This was our 3rd trip to HHI (see also: our first trip, MC's first trip), and as usual we had a blast! We stayed in the same condo complex that we've stayed the other times, so we were across the street from the beach but with private beach access.

We spent a ton of time at the beach, and MC loved every second of it. At one point while they were playing in the waves, she told BD, "I LOVE THE SEA!!!"

She would go out as far into the ocean as we would let her and was constantly asking to go farther. We were a bit wary given all of the shark attacks this summer, so we didn't go any deeper than our waists. The beaches at HHI are wide and flat so we could actually go pretty far off shore and still be in shallow water, so she had plenty of room to play.

We were on the beach each morning before 9am and...promptly stopped to have a snack, regardless of the fact that we had just had breakfast at the condo...proving the fact that snacks on the beach are the best!

MC had no qualms about getting sand in every crack and crevice of her body. It seemed to be her goal each day to bring back as much sand in her swimsuit as possible.  

We also spent several afternoons in the pool at our condo.

We had a couple of afternoons that were cloudy and overcast after a thunderstorm rolled through, so that gave us a nice break from the heat.

We spent one morning at the children's museum, and it had a lot of fun and interesting exhibits. MC showed off her fearless climbing skills on the rock walls.

And we raced some soap box derby cars on the track.

She spent a lot of time playing veterinarian for their collection of stuffed dogs.

And she made some music with BD.

More beach pics...

We went out to dinner one night and had to sit in the truck and wait out a rain storm. So we entertained ourselves by taking selfies.

After dinner we went to an ice cream shop for dessert. I think this was MC's first taste of mint chocolate chip (my favorite!). She was most impressed by the chocolate dipped waffle cone.

Another family selfie while out shopping for souvenirs.

Her favorite souvenir from the trip...a giant lollipop!

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