Friday, July 31, 2015

Conversations at 3

She is sweeping the floor...

MC: My job is to broom!
LA: You're doing a great job.
MC: Daddy's job is to work.
LA: Oh yeah? What's my job?
MC: I don't know.
LA: What do you think it might be?
MC: Wash dishes!

We are playing outside....

LA: I need to go in and use the bathroom.
MC: Ok, you may.


MC: Where did we get Piper from?
LA: We adopted her from a dog rescue program.
MC: Did you order her on the computer?


We're walking into Whole Foods...

MC: (loudly) Mama, is dis da place you call Whole Paycheck?


We took family pictures back in May, and she's heard me tell a couple of people that we had to "work really hard to get a smile out of MC". Now, when she sees herself smiling in a picture...

MC: Am I'm getting a smile out in this one?


Looking at the prints from our family pictures...

MC: Oooohh, we should put this one on our blog!

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